Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

Senator, you’ve repeatedly said what mattered most is to have a Republican in the White House. All along the way, you have supported the horror we now have in the White House. Now that he’s there, what are you doing about it? What in God’s name are you doing if you have to quietly work around him?

You’re a party politician. You’ve railed against the “Left” for years. Now, your party is in “control” of government and the White House. To us ordinary citizens, it looks like an absolute disaster, and a dark time for America. But instead of really, truly standing up for your country and opposing this petulant infant that got in, you’re equivocating.

Make a real stand. Cut the party politics bullshit. Speak the truth, for a change, about Trump and about America and what you really stand for. You’re not getting any younger, and America’s not getting any better. We’re on the brink of a disaster we may never recover from, and that history books will record with incredulity.

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