Re-post — originally posted on February 9, 2014 by Kathryn Grace

I really had no idea exactly how the day would play out. Victoria Betton had described it as a ‘hack’ type event. I knew we were working within NHS Mental Health Services and were about to look at the future of services with the addition of ‘digital’ and ‘apps’. I knew service managers, technical, digital, mobile and design professionals would be there. I agreed to go along to contribute and learn about current service knowledge/ideas and maybe enable a a few service design/innovation projects to start.

We were welcomed…

Re-post — originally posted on July 29, 2013by Kathryn Grace

The weekend of 8/9 July saw a grand start to new business when I attended the Synergy Surgery: Creative Health event. Science City York, Innovation York, York City Council and Knowledge Transfer Network — Creative Industries hosted a design and collaboration weekend bringing together creatives, academics and health professionals to work together.

The project themes/needs were crowd sourced by the Innovation York digital forum Genius, and each delegate selected which theme group to work in. I joined the sharing real time health information group with five others. Led by two…

Re-post — originally posted on July 29, 2013 by Kathryn Grace

After six years working in Orange, Everything Everywhere and EE as a Service Designer Manager it is time to start a new chapter. We have seen six years of great revolution in the world of communication and digital technology. Design methods and processes that worked for us twenty or even ten years ago no longer meet business or user needs today.
I think it’s time for businesses and organisations to rethink their working methods/ approach and introduce Service Design and continual Design Thinking into what
they do each day.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this site with details of my new role and direction and future service offerings. The future is most definitely very bright.

I was reading Ben Holliday’s blog on Service Design starting with user needs, I had intended to read and make notes but my pen took over as my brain sparked and tried to start making sense of recent service design experiences at Co-op Digital. We’d had a level of challenge shall we say on the instigation of a particular project… what was the user need? As a team we had taken a balanced view and agreed that sometimes the need is not always purely functional (absolute need, can’t do without) but can be ‘desirable’ (and also functional).

I posted the…

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