You’ve Written For Everyone Else, Write For You
Malanda Jean-Claude

I would never thought that I would come across someone’s writing like yours , there’s just sometimes so refreshing about the way you put your words. There’s so much serenity and power in how you project your vulnerability with the world. Language is a place of struggle for myself but you had show me that the use of our words is a liberating process that can only lead us to self discovery so that we can finally restore ourselves to a condition of wholeness and writing can helps us do that , In french we say “ le receuillement de soi “ . Ours words is our own speech it’s an act of resistance , our mother tongue is our refuge and it’s being truly who we are . I’m so thankful that you are able to share your gift with us . Blessing to your beautiful soul and I pray that you continue to bring inspiration in this world !

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