Digital Marketing In 2025: Digital Will Not Be Digital Any More

If we talking about 2025, yes a lot of futuristic ideologies can be postulated but the pace in which human behavior is evolving and technology is changing even celestial observations or terrestrial events can’t even predict that.

There can multiple questions which might in your mind keeping as digital marketers in view the current context

1. Will Google search still be the No.1 information and content discovery platform?

2. Will twitter be still there to broadcast my discounts deals to my customers?

3. Will I be still using Facebook to engage my fans?

And there can be many more…like this and all the above can be like OLD SCHOOL OF THOUGHT

Over the last 10 years the way the consumer buying process has changed though given the Dr. Philip Kotler’s BUYING PROCESS MODEL a different but shape but you can at least show the same in your PowerPoint presentations now but the future can be more different and the shape it might take a shape which even the nuclear scientist of those times would not even be able to predict

The weirdest thing which might happen to a digital marketing manager is that he /she may be asked to speak about marketing data analytics in shareholders meet of the company so we view that digital marketing and the data generated by it might become the main factor for deciding the direction of share prices of any corporation.

“Hey Digital Marketing managers You have great future ahead”

By 2025, the revolution which data would bring to digital marketing, the dynamics of how devices on which consumer would interact with brands would also change. The progression from desktop to Latop to Phone and tab and now watches…the next device for which digital marketers need to be fight in 2025 for might be something but it is still unpredictable.

So the idea behind digital marketing in 2025 would be digital will not be digital any more. There might be no more two separate disciplines of marketing in 2025-Online & offline , devices and content formats might define the strategies how brands interact will with their customer and analytics will become super intelligent so that the marketers might possibly predict the when will the consumer need his/her next product purchase.

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