Is there a singular way of defining creativity in the modern world? We all want to be more creative and push out our creativity into the world to create something that uniquely defines our presence in the world. For me the focus more is to realize an idea that uniquely defines me as an individual, not the people I admire for their $Bn companies, blockbuster labels or bestselling books, or I define creativity as the communion of what I enjoy or what tools excites me and the problems that I can solve with those tools. When I try to fit my creativity with someone else’s definition, the universe kicks me hard.

Now coming back to the question, what does “creativity” mean to me? My personal definition is connecting small day-to-day problems with the seemingly unrelated tools that can solve those problems to create a meaningful change in the world around.

Now let me elaborate more on the tools of the trade and what kind of problems I am talking about.

There was once an engineer, enjoying work at the supply chain department of Amazon and after he realized that his learning was plateauing at Amazon, he decided to go in search of an idea that will use his creativity and make a material difference in the world, after two years of search he found in his everyday life that getting groceries from grocery stores was one the biggest problems he faced and hence he founded a company to deliver groceries. The tools (in this case- logistics engineering) to build this idea were within himself when he had left Amazon, the journey was to realize that he had to find his own ORIGINAL day-to-day problem and use the tools he already knew to solve a problem that he himself faced.

Were you ever in a situation where the voices in your head were too loud for you to experience life around or your consciousness was more of fear based than love based or you weren’t able to experience the moment fully and life was just passing by, then tools such as stoicism, philosophy, yoga and meditation are taught by Life strategists or Yoga practitioners to solve these days to day problems.

As humans, we are bound to go through a period of lack of emotions or a need for a roller coaster of emotions, for solving those problems comedians or actors craft narratives and stories with their honed tools of acting and comedy.

“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us” ~ Marshall McLuhan