How we lost our free will?

All of us were sent with almost the same resources (energy, mental abilities, brain size, etc.), but as soon as we get into the world we start making sense about how the world is and we are told by our immediate seniors (mostly our parents) about how they perceive the world and how it works. Whatever we learn till the age of seven forms the major blueprint on our subconscious mind and that blueprint results in unfolding of our lives.

A very good friend of mine recently told me that she didn’t want to watch the movie “IT”, me being the curious soul started asking her questions as to why she is scared of the movie to which she replied that she is scared of clowns and on further digging she told me about an incident that happened when she was five or six years old which was related to a scary clown. After all these years, there doesn’t lie any sense of being scared to a clown, however, she was carrying this imprint unconsciously on her mind till now. Similarly, we carry a lot of imprints on our mind which are invisible to us in the same way as water is to a fish.

These early imprints tell us what we can or cannot do, however, our brain is highly plastic in nature, even if you decide to do something as alien as to learn rocket science at any particular age, you can train your mind to learn it. But since we accept these limitations in our early childhood and forget to question those limitations, we loose our free will to do and become anything we want at a very early age.

A way to regain the lost free will could be to test the current impossible like a scientist and see if it is really impossible or it is just a convention/idea/belief that you are carrying because the conventions or your current environment told you so. Example- think if you were born in a family of a business person or an actor, your parent would never be scared if you ever told them that you wanted to be a business person or an actor as that is what has been making living for them since years, but if you are not born in such a family, they might discourage you or think that it is not a good career option as they might not have a crystal clear idea or truth of that profession. However, if you question that limitation by taking baby steps and find the truth for yourself, it might lead you to a totally different life.

I think it’s important to disassociate ourselves from the conventional environment/beliefs that we have lived, to discover if what we are believing is real truth or just an idea of reality in our minds, as a lot of times ground reality and what is in our mind is different.

Share your comments below. Feel free to be a devils advocate if you think there is a flawed assumption or a flaw in my theory.

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