Succeed by thinking like a child!

What is that one critical thing we seem to lose as we “grow up”?

…the ability to define our reality…

“I cant…” “That job isn’t offered here…” “I don’t have the time…” “That’s not my strength…”

Its much too often that I hear these quotes from folks who want to be more successful with their lives. They have already defined their reality.

What do children say when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up? “I want to be a superhero!” Its incredible, but even when they say it we chuckle at the actual thought.

Only as children progress and age do they evolve their defined reality based on what they hear, see, or experience. The answer then becomes “I want to be a police officer,” or “I want to be a doctor.”

We end up where we are today, continuously taught life’s little limitations which restrict our ability to define the road to success or even the ability to dream.

Imagine if we were taught differently, if we thought differently. If we were supported with our incredible dreams… to really become superheroes…

Unlocking or recharging that ability can be challenging, but it can be done. Many times we look at an opportunity, a person, or a job with historical reference points which limit our expected outcome.

“I’ve met them…” “I’ve done that job before, I need something new…” “That doesn’t seem like a good fit…”

Sometimes even after we accept this new way of thinking life has taught us that the task may be too big, too complex, or too far outside of our comfort zone.

If we can condition ourselves to make that first effort, think through it one step at a time and leave yesterday for the success of tomorrow then you already have the tools you need for crafting a shiny new undefined reality. Its what makes children so excited, the unknown gift of something new.

There are so many things which make each and every opportunity uniquely new. Take on the challenge and approach everything with unrestricted optimism and creativity. This life is incredible and you are the only person who can define or undefined the possibilities.

Think a little different, take a new approach at that seemingly similar situation. You never know, a successful undefined reality may be just around the corner.

Get after it!

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