Is programming, hard, as its sounds ?

Open a book on programming, and after you type the customary “Hello World” you can forget that it was ever, so easy, to master. Most, people approach programming, as this huge body of work to master, yet its like a spanner in your kit box which can be used in so many places. We all know the power of programming and the amount of money programmer usually make, yet many of us choose to stay away from it. Have you wondered WHY ?

I love programming. I never realised the power of programming in my school. I could never connect the dots, and see that its a tool to make life easy. I could never have guessed that it could make your life “Richer” both literally and figuratively. Yet, I never learned it my school.It wasn’t until I read a few books and watched a few tutorial on youtube and made my own website, that I realised that it was so cool.

I think, programming should be made mandatory from class one. It clarifies your thinking, for the most part. It makes you put repeating task in a box and call it a function which can then be called when you need it. Isn’t it cool ? Further, its the only skill which can never be truly mastered because the ecosystem is evolving so much. Which means that you will never retire as a programmer, ’cause you will be always subscribed to the “learning” club. Learning is great for our brains, it great for our motivation. It like tasting a new genre of cuisine every day. You may choose to stick to a staple diet, but if and when you want you will have new flavour ready.

My biggest bane, however, is the way programming is taught. programming is so intuitive and yet its taught like some very big thing. Let me explain. When I was learning objects ( any thing in programming can be defined as objects, they mean what they say eg a Car is an object) — I was told that to retrieve an array from an object you have to type the index number and you can use a dot notation. Instead, I would have understood so easily it someone would have told me that each element lives inside its parent element so on and so forth and to retrieve it just use the dot notation after the object name. That’s like if you want to got to Dallas, you would say. World [ USA [ Texas [Dallas]]]. Isn’t that cool rather than saying type the index and dot notation.

Learning programming is so much fun that you will love it more as you understand it more. It frees your mind from the day to day living of emotions which are unpredictable and moves you into the realm of certainty.

Try it, you will love it…

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