Why did I Quit my Job ?

To every professional out there who is doing a great job : Having worked for over 15 years, I decided I wanted a change in my job. Why ? Was I doing badly ?

On the contrary, I was doing pretty well. Have risen to a leadership role I was really on top of the game. So why would I quit ?

Well, I don’t know about you but there comes a time in our job where we know most of the things about the job so much so that we don’t need to work beyond out limits. My case, wasn’t different. I was doing my job with one eye closed.

Further, in my leadership role I was pretty much delegating my role with a bunch of folks under me. I was getting bored. I was attending meeting over meetings over meetings.

Further, I realised that HR my chosen area of expertise was not my calling. I wanted to do something bigger. Like invent stuff, like make change happen. Yet, I realised it would have been practically impossible for me to do so as even I excelled in my job, I was going to end up doing a larger role in the same area.

You see, every role has a limit. HR has its limits too. It’s not the most important role in an organisation. It get a seat in the management but because it doesn’t handle any bottom line area its self limiting in its posture.

So I quit. I realised that if I hadn’t quit, I would have got sucked into the vicissitudes of time and wouldn’t have been able to change anything later. That what happens with most professionals. They tend to move deeper into their role and lives, from which it becomes literally impossible for them to step out.

You dream but you don’t act. I wanted to Act.

I am not trying to preach that we all reload our position every 15 years. I am simply saying that 15 year is good enough indication our direction. I wanted to do something where I was involved in large change. It may involve me being doing a small thing in the project but that for me is not important. What is important is what am I doing. Am i doing things which I enjoy and learning while I do so or am I simply not enjoying and filling the gap via my drinking sessions.

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