At The Peak Of Petty: A Neighbor Of Trump, A Fur Coat And A Glass Wine

Ivanka Trump bet not ever ask her neighbor if she can borrow a cup of sugar.

A fur coat, glass of wine, a Kris Kardashian haircut and smile that’ll make you pull up a seat and pay close attention. That smile tells me that this rich, white lady done seen somethings since Ivanka and her ugly husband moved in across the street. I still don’t know why the protestors were out there and I don’t care. They were exercising their right as Americans.

But what I do want to know is who this lady is and what made her smile that kind of smile? She was delighted. Kind of like she reveled in the fact there are folks in the world that hate her neighbors. You know that smile — the smile you get when someone you can’t stand trips, gets the flu or gets a flat tire. It’s a smile that reads, “God, you are a might God” or “God I prayed for karma and you being the all-knowing God that you are, you on time. You are ALWAYS on time.”

This woman needs a Nobel Peace Prize for her outfit. Who walks out of the house to bare witness in a fur coat with a glass of wine? A rich, nosey, delighted woman — that’s who. I feel like she was watching ‘Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’ and heard the growing chants of protestors and she knew right then and there what they were there for. Walk with me for a moment….

Get into this scenario.

I feel like she was lounging on her Giuseppe Nicoletti couch when she heard noise. Now you know like I know, there’s not much noise-making in affluent, suburban neighborhoods; of course she went to peek out the window. And her eyes could not believe what she was seeing: Protestors, rainbow flags flying, women with pussy hates and signs, they were there, right outside her door. This would be great to tell her friends during lunch tomorrow. She watched, and when they stopped she knew it was time to show her support, the best way she knew how. She grabbed that fur coat that she wore the night before to a charity dinner for hosted by her husband’s boss and bam! Just like that she is the peak of petty, the spire of shade.

Ain’t nothing better than watching a rich, white woman smile at protestors, with a glass of wine and a fur coat as they chant outside of the First Daughter’s home. It’s delicious.

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