Ceaser Got Duchess Out Here Looking Stupid AGAIN!

We’ve been blessed to witness moisturized lips on this season of Black Ink and I’m thankful. It lets me know that the cast is paying attention to the tweets.

But I want to discuss the situationship that is Duchess and Ceaser. Duchess went back to Ceaser after he cheated on her more than once. They somehow found a way to “make it work”. And THIS season he may have done it again. The scene exposed the textbook behavior of a man caught in a lie. It amazes me how some men turn into Oscar nominated actors when there is a possibility that their cover is blown.

Look at him acting like he’s flabbergasted.

A young lady popped up at Ceaser’s 125th shop and asked Duchess if she could step outside. As soon as their feet hit the pavement she revealed that her sister was pregnant by Ceaser and later got an abortion. I wasn’t surprised because: History. I was just waiting for Duchess’s reaction. And to tell you the truth I felt bad for her because there wasn’t much she could say. Ceaser had her out there looking stupid and it was hard to watch. The feeling of second-hand humiliation washed over me. We all been suckers for love. And sometimes many of us have stayed because it’s easier to forgive and not have to move out or forgive and not split up the family or what ever the situation that you’ve had to contemplate may be. But I for the life of me can’t understand why Duchess won’t just go. She has nothing holding her back. She has her own shop back home and she has no children with Ceaser, just go.

Thankfully since the show Ceaser and Duchess haven’t gotten back together but, there’s no guarantee that it’ll stay that way. I want Duchess to go back home, work on herself and prosper. She opened her shop without that man and she can become even more successful without him. And it’s really hard for me to believe that Ceasar had no relations with that woman’s sister because people only get as comfortable as you let them. So what made that woman comfortable enough to walk up in that shop and request Duchess? What made her comfortable enough to say the things she said to Ceaser?

Something don’t smell right. And after years of the emotional stress that Ceaser put Duchess through with sticking his penis in everything walking Duchess needs to leave Black Ink and never look back.