Corretta Scott King Wrote A Letter In 1986 Opposing Jeff Sessions Federal Nomination

Jeff Sessions, Alabama’s racist senator has been nominated by Donald Trump to be attorney general, one of the highest offices in the country. This is of no surprise seeing as though Donald Trump has had some very racist ideals of his own that he has not hesitated to share with us during his campaign. And I’m not referring to Sessions as a racist because of his close proximity to the cheeto-hued president-elect. I am simply referring to the history of his racist practices and statements, referring to the NAACP as un-American, disenfranchising poor black and brown voters and so on and so forth. This man must be stopped. And back in 1986 Coretta Scott King used her voice to oppose the nomination of Jeff Sessions for federal judge.

Read the full letter here.

At this point it looks like Jeff Sessions will be appointed to attorney general. The people being appointed to such high positions by Cheeto-elect, slowly takes any eraser to all of the progress that has been made by the Obama administration. Today on Capitol Hill during the senate hearing Sessions was asked about the allegations of racism against him. To which he answered, “I hope my tenure in this body shows you that the caricature of me wasn’t accurate…It wasn’t accurate then and it’s not accurate now.”

Sessions in the attorney general seat is dangerous for all people who believe in equality and freedom for all human beings, no matter their race, age, or gender.

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