Deceptive Dustmite RZA Admitted That Racist Russell Crowe DID Spit on Azalea Banks

Remember back in 2016 when Azealia Banks attended Russell Crowe’s party with RZA and things went horribly wrong?

Azalea claimed that Crowe, chocked her, spat on her and call her a n****r, with no one to back her. With Azealia’s past behavior many didn’t believe her. Today, one year later, RZA finally admitted off the record at the Breakfast Club that he did in fact see Crowe spit at Azealia. Now what took him so long? He also added that Crowe apologized him. I’m trying to figure what he would be apologizing to RZA from if his saliva didn’t land on him. Just in case you’re wondering, Azealia never got an apology.

The elephant in the room, which I can’t ignore is how RZA sat there for year and watched people berate and accuse Azealia of lying when he knew the truth. RZA took a side that night and it wasn’t just Russell Crowe, it was white supremacy. He stood in silence that signified with a man who referred to a black person as s n****r. And in turn made no attempt to reveal the truth because he got an apology — and that ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of how a black man practices misogynoir. I am sure that if Russell Crowe had spat and call another black man the n-word the party would’ve ended with an locals news segment.

When black women are involved no one steps in to defend.

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