I’m Not Here To Make White People Comfortable

I don’t want you to talk to me. I don’t want to hear your opinions on the matter if you’re not against police brutality. Don’t say a word if you believe in black on black crime. I don’t want to hear “Good morning” if you’re confused about Colin Kaepernick stand against police brutality or lack thereof.


When police were first created their main objective was to catch slaves who sought freedom — slave catchers. The culture of policing has not changed. Black people have always been and will continue to be the targets no matter what communities they’re in. Our dead bodies are the prize, our imprisoned souls are the prize; all in the name of “safety”. Black people are technically still considered three-fifths of a man, that’s never been changed. The past can never be erased and our ancestors fought so hard, for less than a quarter of what we have today. So why are we still fighting the same fight?

To bring police brutality to a halt effectively we have to recognize the racist history of policing in America. Police being dangerous to black people is nothing new. The only thing that has changed is that we have proof of police being dangerous to black people. Though most of the police are white, black police have a high possibly of being just as dangerous because they’re operating in the largest white supremacist gang in the world.

There is no way to be careful when you’re black in America. Racism single handedly puts black and brown people in danger because of stereotypes and prejudice. And there is not nice way to change racist minds, there is no way to change racist minds at all unless we fight — physically and/or economically. There is simply no other way. There would be no America if the English tried to change minds nicely. Half of the United States would be own by the French if the English tried to change minds nicely. History proves that changing minds nicely is concept created by white people to shame black people and their anger at the caused by injustice.


When we are in trouble who do we call? We can’t be so quick to call the police it may end up in an unnecessary murder.

Fake allies whispering their support, instead of shouting it to the world. Don’t coddle white feelings. Make these people as uncomfortable as you can. We are dying in the streets we don’t have time to shield ourselves from white tears.