Khloe We Know Your Butt Is Fake! Stop Trying To Tells Us What Exercises To Do To Get A Perfect Butt

Life is funny.

Imagine the yelp that escaped my mouth as I watched Khloe Kardashian do exercises specifically targeting her butt like those exercises are how she got the butt she has.

Now I do realize that Khloe works out and the rest of her body is a representation of that, but not her butt. Khloe’s butt, just like Kim’s is disproportionate to her thighs, so that’s all the proof you need.

Like don’t tell me how to do squats sis! Be honest and tell me who your doctor is. That’s the most valuable information you can give me. So he can get this fat in my thighs and stomach and donate it to those in need. Make difference in the world Khloe!

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