Edward Simpson

“Who I am, where I from and where I am going”

Born and raised in a culture that for many years, has been misunderstood and in many instances have been wrongly perceived by the general public that’s seems to be so “politically correct” and “has it all figured out.”

Respectfully, I was raised and taught “the old fashioned way” of good morals and values that was instilled inside of my parents and taught to my father by his dad and grandfather going all the way back many many years and generations, that today I have those very same morals instilled inside of me and the very same values of honor and dignity I was raised and taught by that even today my family still prides ourselves with.

I grew up very modestly in Upstate New York. My family “grandfather and father” owned several large mobile home parks and several weekend retreats, one on the beautiful Lake Kurroga and the other right on the St. Lawrence in the Thousand Islands on the Canadian Border. Very beautiful country to say the least. Having businesses up north were great investments except for the long winter months that at times were unbearable and would cause us to travel down south sometimes to Florida for several months out of the year. But the summer months was a total different story and the weather seemed to be absolutely perfect for working outdoors. My family, the Simpson’s, were very well respected amongst our culture. They were known and respected for their generosity and love for their family. The funny thing about respect is it’s the hardest thing to earn but the easiest thing to lose, so being able to hold on to that respect for all these years speaks great volumes about my family. There was no big me and little you where I came from and it didn’t matter what your bank account looked like, everyone was treated with the same dignity. Nobody was looked down upon from my family and when we had family members who would travel to stay on our parks in the summer time, if you were family you never owed any rent and your stay was free with us. If another family member happened to be down on their luck, the elders would go around with a hat, door to door and take up a collection to get that person back on their feet and nobody thought any different of you because chances were at some point you might have been on the receiving end. Times are so different nowadays from when I was growing up which wasn’t that long ago, 30 years ago.

Throughout the summer months the weather of Upstate New York was absolutely gorgeous and with an offer to stay for free all summer, normally drew a big crowd which was why we done it because we loved having our family all together and around us all summer. Our family being known for settling family disputes through Bare Knuckle Boxing had been handling misunderstandings for many years by duking it out and settling there misunderstanding right then and there and afterwards shaking hands and buying each other a beer, most of the time. Of course even the younger generation would also handle their business this way and be best friends right afterwards. Bare Knuckle Boxing goes back many generations way before the times of Sullivan, so being a fighter is something that’s in our DNA. I can remember going back to when I was just 4 and 5 years old my dad having me in the boxing gym training and learning how to throw a punch and gaining Boxing skills, I can still remember the distinctive smell from inside the gym with the sounds of the speed bags going 90 mph and the sounds of the jump rope as it skipped along the ground. I remember my old trainer telling my dad when I was 6 years old that “this kids hands are made to box” and begging my father to allow him to train me to be a World Champion someday. At the time, my father wasn’t interested in accepting his offer because we were traveling to much and wasn’t settled down year round to reap the full benefits of taking him up on the opportunity but he taught me all I needed to know to be great amongst my family for when the opportunity arise and I would need to settle a dispute. Because of our technics were different than Queensbury Rules Boxing, we had our own way of training for when it came to Bare Knuckle. Old ways of training that was passed down from generation to generation that we would practice whether in a gym or not we could still train on our own terms.

Upstate New York with a large gathering of family members and friends was like the perfect storm and a guarantee that there would be plenty of family disputes that would be settled by a Bare Knuckle Match. I can remember being just a kid at 6 years old with enough training in the gym to know enough to handle myself if and when the time was presented. Along with that was the fact that my father was the owner of the park where everyone was staying for free and a lot of the younger ones my age was full of pride and thought because my dad owned the place that I somehow might have looked down on them which was far from the truth but as kids they didn’t understand that so there was plenty of times when I had to prove myself to show them that I wasn’t like that neither was I the kid you wanted to pick on. But it never failed and there was always that one who just didn’t understand that. My dad half Irish and very proud of his background like any other Irishman liked to have himself a couple cold ones while standing out and talking to the men, and a big gambler to go along with it. So, him and the rest of the men at the time built a ring in the middle of the park and after work and a few cold ones, pride would set in and they’d want to see who’s son was the best. So, all of us younger ones would get called over and the gloves would go on. “Because we were young they would make us wear gloves” Bets would be being made on who was the toughest, but to us this was normal and never was hard feelings ever felt for one another. From the time I was 6 years old until now, I was never beaten inside the ring or during a family dispute. My dad would get the biggest kick out of it because I was the smallest kid out of everyone and I never fought anyone my size, they were always a head taller than me but because they were all bigger than I was I knew I had to get in and not play around and for my size I would always stun whoever I was fighting because they never expected a kid my size to hit as hard as I could. I could hit like a mule for my size. In little league I was an All Star SS and 3rd Basemen because I had a hell of an arm. A very good friend of mine passed away several months ago that was a little older than myself when his time was cut short, was known for being the toughest young man around when his family pulled on our park when I was 10 years old. After a couple weeks and his dad bragging on him my father had enough and said “son put the gloves on right now” and even though I really didn’t want to because this kid was a tough guy I knew I had to listen to my father so I did. He and I got in the ring with a crowd of about 50 people watching and our dads said “okay boys let’s see what you got” He came in on me and threw two big over hand rights and I ducked down and came up with everything I had connecting a big right of my own knocking out both of his front teeth, when I heard the screaming of his mother as she came running and yelling for a cup of milk to put the teeth in and try to save them, it was a whole lot of commotion and they never found his teeth causing him to need two false teeth which he died with.

All of this sounds barbaric and horrible to the average person but to us it was a thing of pride and respect because soon as we were done with handling a misunderstanding we would shake each other’s hand and go play with each other in the sandbox. It made Men out of us and taught us to respect one another. We didn’t take guns out and shoot each other but we had a problem with one another we would throw our hands up and solve it right then and there and afterwards we were all friends, because we were family at the end of the day.

“Training Grounds For Becoming a Man at a Very Young Age”

Growing up and being taught the way I was, the “old fashioned way” was an experience that younger people nowadays just don’t know. I learned so many valuable lessons in life by the time I was 13 years old I knew as much or more than most 30 year olds. My upbringing was more important and more valuable than Gold because what I had learned would stick with me for the rest of my life. Valuable lessons from running a successful business to morals and values that carries high respect. Lessons that I have and will continue teaching my own kids that will get them through life and will allow them to always live a valuable life and never want for anything. For instance, my 13 year old son called me the other day and said “hey dad, I hope you don’t mind but I made a good deal so I bought a truck” This might sound crazy but still today I get a kick out of it and he made me very proud when the average person might have been apolled. At 13 years old, he saved his own money and did all the talking making his own deal & decision and then paying for it himself. Is he allowed to drive it? Absolutely not and he’s aware of that so what he’s done is put an add on Craigslist to find someone with a drivers license to drive him around to work. See, another thing that most of society doesn’t understand about our culture and our family is that we are taught to go to work full time by 12 to 13 years old. The gypsy traveler culture goes to a physical school until we’re about 12 years old when we then enroll into Home School and go to work full time. We’re born an entrepreneur and actually speaking the closest definition to an entrepreneur is a traveler. At 13 years old my father bought me my first work truck “unlike my son who actually bought his own”, so I’m hoping that whatever I’m doing by raising him is working out better than I was able to do by his age. At 13 years old I was running my own business every day and making more money than a lot of today’s Executives. By 16 years old I had made and saved enough money to buy my first investment property which was a 49 space Mobile Home Park in the State of Florida. I fixed it up and done some repairs on it and then sold the property on my own two years later and was able to triple my money, but before I sold the property I found another property to invest my profits in saving myself from paying Capital Gain Taxes. That same year I married my wife at 18 years old and had saved enough money to buy a brand new double wide mobile home that I paid $90,000 cash for, I then bought my new wife a brand new Audi TT the first year they came out. I also paid for our two week honeymoon to Hawaii as well as her diamond ring, 3 ct. solitaire on top of a 7 carat diamond eternity band. On her end, her parents paid for the entire wedding and reception for 500 people. Although this may seem impossible to most people, the best part about it all is that leading up to this point in my life at 18 years old, other than a truck that my father bought for me everything else I was able to get on my own. But keep in mind that with out my first truck that my father bought me none of those other things that I was able to accumulate would have been possible, at the very least it would have taken me a little longer to achieve if I would have needed to buy my own truck.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way and for those in life who want something bad enough’ whatever you put your mind to you will be able to achieve”

As of today, I am truly blessed to have several successful Mobile Home Park Investments, I’ve successfully exited three different construction companies to free up my time to focus on successfully building the BKF Brand and Franchise with the opportunity to build a fourth construction company for my son to run some day and with a couple different portfolios I still stay active in the Stock Market with several different investment vehicles in a broad range of industries from Technology, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Big Data, IOT, MLP’s, Oil, Uranium, Marijuana and commodities and several others in what I believe to be Disrupters. My portfolios consist of buy and hold, I sell puts and call contracts and short some of my stocks, and I play vitality and volume on weekly options. I exited my construction companies to focus more of my time to successfully build BKF® a Combat Sports Franchise which is the first and only in existence legitimate Bare Knuckle Boxing Organization. I am truly blessed beyond measure in every aspect of my life. I have a beautiful healthy family with my wife and 2 kids, a boy and a girl that I wouldn’t take all the money in the world in exchange for the blessings I have and at the end of the day after reading about who I am, please understand that I did not intend on boasting or bragging about any of these things because trust me when I say this that money is not everything. The more money that you have is the more problems that you have to deal with. It comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and Money Does Not Buy You Happiness! The man who has very little wealth but is healthy and is able to find peace and happiness is more wealthier than the richest man on earth.

Money cannot happiness! The man who has very little wealth but is healthy and is able to find peace and happiness in his life is more wealthier than the richest man on earth!
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