My Hustle When I Was Nine (9) Years Old

I remember my first hustle. Garage sales. I would setup shop in front of my grandparents home. They lived on a main street in Hollywood. It was a great location to sell thrifty items.

Every weekend I would wake up early to make sure everything was neatly setup by 9 am. I’d find me some shade and just wait.

Sure enough I started making a couple hundred bucks. But I had costs. For starters I had to split 50% of the profit with my older cousin who was playing basketball in the backyard. Partnerships right.

I didn’t have to buy anything to sell because it all belonged to family members that no longer wanted it. I was lucky that I didn’t have to pay them anything.

I tell you I had game. Probably more than I do now.

This one time a lady strolls by and sees me organizing and stuff. She asks about a couple books and I answer her. Then she asks the fun question.

“How much for this book”

I turn to her and tell her that by itself the book is $5 but is she buys the 3 she was looking at I’ll sell them for $3 a piece.

She starting cracking up, hands me a $20 and says she’ll come back in a hour. I wish I kept that $20 because she never came back and didn’t take any of the books. Free $20 because she liked my hustle.