Why I’m Proud Of My Failures

As many entrepreneurs know failing is part of the job. Some failures are small and some are big.

I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit since I was 9 years old. If only I could find the crayon drawing of the skyscraper that I will own one day.

Since then I’ve worked towards my goal.

I’ve experimented with different types of business along the way. My most recent business in the medical industry was the greatest learning experience of all. I hated it. The medical industry is simply fucked.

At least I Tried.

No matter what happened I’m glad that I tried to make each endeavor successful. Without trying something how do you know whether it’ll work or not. Each time I didn’t succeed I kept looking forward and still do.

I learned a few things

My experiences have taught me a lot. Almost everything was learned from actually doing it. In my opinion doing is better than reading textbooks from people who make money writing those books telling you how you should do it.

Cold calling, door to door marketing, dealing with clients, dealing with 50+ contractors. Boy that was terrible. A bunch of people who are selfish and you can’t really tell them what to do. Even though you’re the one giving them work.

And Some More Things

Second to dealing with the contractors was collections. Imagine having to collect $30k every month only to pay that out to your contractors. You don’t collect, contractors don’t get paid thus they pause services until they do.

It was brutal. Collecting from people that don’t want to pay only not make a penny. Nonetheless I learned from it. How to manage accounts receivable and payable.

Eventually Learned Something Cliche

Fortunately I tried to do different types of businesses. Each experience was unique in its own way. Partners, solo, clients, products, collections, sales, marketing, etc. I learned how to be self reliant and gained knowledge about topics I wouldn’t have otherwise.

But the most important education of them all was not giving up. Yeah that’s the most cliche statement ever. But it’s true.

I believe failure is the fuel to determination. What do you think about failure?