3D Touch : A True Game Changer

In September, Technology giant Apple has launched two new iPhones which its CEO Tim Cook claimed “are the most advanced smartphones in the world”.

Alongside the new device launches, the company launched its 3D Touch technology, which operates on the pressure and duration of the touch of the consumer changing the user experience on smartphones making it more convenient.

Since its inception iPhone has changed the way we consume and generate content. With 3D Touch its again reinventing the way you can access all important information or make super informed decisions and generate content.

All startups can take advantage of 3D Touch and win hearts of next 100 million users (iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus) about to get added by this December(2015).


User can press Home screen icon of your app, and get sneak peek into what App is offering right from the Home Screen even before opening the app.

Within the App itself user can now press on views that are supporting 3D Touch to get more details quicker than ever.

Static & Dynamic Quick Actions:

  • Static Quick actions would act like shortcuts to all important features of the app most app users are using.
  • Dynamic Quick Action would help your app users to make informed decision based on data available at any point and take the right action. e.g. Whether to put on overcoat or take umbrella with them based on current forecast or buy or sell stock based on latest price update.


With iOS 9, and iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus you can add another dimension to what you are offering in your App. Based on how hard user presses any part of the App Screen you can provide more details in following manner.

  1. Indicate that preview of content is being offered (Highlight area and make it stand out compare to other data on the screen)
  2. Peek — User can peek into the preview(display the preview so user can look at it)
  3. Pop — Provide user with additional navigation where you would provide quick action items.

Example of Static Quick Action: Lets assume we have a Music Streaming App. For this app, we can have below shared quick actions as a part of 3D touch.

  1. Add Queue
  2. Add Track
  3. Share Queue
  4. Past Queue

Example of Pop (Actions based on dynamic data): To understand this lets assume an application for Stock Market. List of dynamic quick actions can be as following:-

  1. Buy Stock
  2. Sell Stock
  3. View Chart
  4. Set Alert


  1. Short title, relevant icon and optional subtitle to add more meaning/understanding of action
  2. You can’t offer custom content here
  3. You can provide most up to date information here as soon as your App gets updated

LetsNurture will help you decide whether to provide static or dynamic quick actions right from the Home Screen.” CONTACT us now to discuss further about iOS 9 compatibility, and iPhone app development along with latest iOS functionality.

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