I’m Not a Lady, Actually

I’m not a lady, actually. Most people would never think about that though, because of how I look. More common than naught, it’s assumed that I just fly around and dance upon the wind to put on a display of beauty for my onlookers, but in all reality, I’m just as normal as anyone else. It’s nice to have the attention though, I’ll admit. I can land on the fur of someone’s dog or on the arm of a young child and those around will marvel at my presence. It’s “so adorable” they will say. Every so often I’ll land on the back of someone’s neck, tired because my wings struggle to carry my portly body, and they’ll assume I’m just some random fly and try to swat me away, and if I’m not too careful I could surely die. But, mostly people just love me.

I think though, people only love me because of what they think that I am, not what I actually am. I’m a beetle. And from what I can tell, most people dislike beetles of any kind. People only see my appearance, which I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about since it’s protected me and allowed me to be adored, but it’s a shame that that’s all they see. You know, there’s a lot more to who I am than just my cherry red exterior dotted in splotches of black. Truly, there is. I’m a vegan you could say, or perhaps that I live solely on the trendy ‘plant based’ diet. Also, and you might like this, but when I’m being attacked, I have the ability to defend myself through something called ‘reflex bleeding’. It’s gross, but it’s saved my life more times than I can count. Honestly, there’s a lot more I wish people understood about me, and believe me I could tell you, but at the end of the day just know, fashionable I may be, but a lady I am not.

In an effort to challenge myself as both a writer and photographer, I’ve been taking photographs of random things around me and giving them fictional narratives. It’s fun and I’m calling the series ‘Photo-Fiction’ (which is not a new thing by any means). Feel free to join me if you want. I’d love to read what others are writing, so please email me anything you come up with to or tag me in a post here.