6 Creative Ways to Get Your Children Eat Fruits and Vegetables

The key to getting any child to actually enjoy eating fruit and vegetables is to make them as appealing as possible.

We’ve created a list of 6 ways you can make fruit and vegetable more exciting as well as more palatable to young mouths!

  1. Make celery easy to eat — Shave outer part of celery with a peeler to get rid of stringy fibers

2) Make a ‘monster’ salad — Make watermelon monsters with a potato peeler to make fruit salads fun!

3) Ditch the jars of tomato sauce and make your own — Halve tomatoes and grate to remove skin easily for homemade tomato sauce

The Chef Remi Cheese Grater also works as a lemon zester. https://www.chefremi.com/products/chef-remi-cheese-grater

4) Add the goodness of lemon into foods — Freeze lemons and grate the flesh to add to rice, ice cream, salads etc.

5) Add fresh herbs into foods — Snip fresh herbs with kitchen shears directly onto salads, soups, casseroles etc for an easy way to add nutrition

Perfect grating tool!

The Chef Remi Cheese Grater as shared by one of our customers:

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