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Here are some keypoints on why you should participate on the tokensale

Acudeen is an existing business already

In fact it’s already operating since 2016 and this time Acudeen is using the Blockchain to solve real world problems. This is not just your ordinary ICO where we can just see them as a “startup” since Acudeen is not starting from scratch.
Acudeen founder Magellan Fetalino III (right). Photo credit: Seedstars World.

In addition to that, they’ve been operating since this past 2 years. Last year, they were able to transact 2.4M USD worth of receivables. They are already partnered with Openport — “Blockchain-powered trucking solutions for every supply chain” and with Anthem — “A private equity firm specializing in investments in small and medium sized companies”.

Having these great team behind Acudeen, I’m sure they won’t disappoint us.

The world of invoice financing market is increasing

The invoice financing market has steadily been increasing across emerging markets and today represents more than US $1 trillion.
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The competitors for this one are just the Fintech companies and the traditional banks. Focusing on the traditional banks, many are unserved due to the fact that they are focusing on large companies since they can be sure that it will be worth their time and money.
I also explained this one in my previous article:

Here is a chart that shows the big difference of Acudeen to other companies.

Refer to their whitepaper on page 32

The technology that Acudeen will use is quite remarkable

Before, Acudeen encountered problems like fake invoices posted just to get money. Manual transactions and disbursement processes that takes a lot of time thus serving clients and customers are not that fast enough.
Refer to their whitepaper on page 21

Acudeen will use 3 modules, mainly ACP, IDM, and FM.

AssetChain core module (ACP) — in this module, the data that is being stored are restricted to attach mode only and the data is visible to the members on the network. This module acts like an asset storage on a decentralized network. Using this module, the clients and customers can validate the ownership of movable assets. So if someone claims they own something, the members in that network can verify whether if it’s true or not thus fakes and frauds are quickly detected.

Under the ACP, Identity & Membership module (IDM) and the Funds Management module (FM) is present. *In this section these modules were not explained enough therefore these are based on my own viewpoint*

The IDM module serves as the base for proving legitimate individuals preventing identity theft. The FM module organizes all the transactions present in the ecosystem making transactions easy to search, read, and verify.

In order to protect confidential data such as sensitive information and the identity of the business partners the ACP uses a “permissioned blockchain”. Instead of using a public blockchain wherein anyone can see anything and everything, Acudeen makes use of the permissioned blockchain to restrict certain data.

Refer to the whitepaper on page 22

Since Acudeen will use the Stellar platform, the AssetChain core module (ACP) will run on Hyperledger Fabric within the stellar network.

Just like what I mentioned in my previous article the Steller platform is perfect for this situation since we are focusing on payments which is the main focal point for Acudeen.

Using the Hyperledger Fabric, Acudeen can manage all concerns especially for privacy. Just like what I mentioned earlier, it can provide the service just like the IDM module wherein user authentication is a must to detect fake users. Users will undergo KYC and AML procedures in this case. It also uses certain “Channels” to restrict sensitive information such as transactions, member & channel information. Making it invisible to the non-members of that certain network and channel.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

ACU token as a utility

ACU is the AssetChain’s native utility token. It is inseparable from the AssetChain and is needed to consume services provided by any of the AssetChain modules.

The ACU tokens are a crucial part for the AssetChain since these tokens are used for accessing certain services and for performing certain activities. The ACU tokens can be bought on crypto exchanges or through P2P.

The chart below shows the activity performed by a certain stakeholder and the corresponding action for the ACU tokens.

Refer to their whitepaper on page 23

Behold the CryptoFIAT and Stellar Anchors

Photo credit: Smartereum

Since the cryptocurrencies has a high volatility, the AssetChain will leverage CryptoFIAT that is equal to the fiat money preventing it from the high volatility and it is stored on a trusted account. To be able to get CryptoFIAT, you must purchase it from Acudeen or from verified Stellar Anchors.

Difference between a CryptoFIAT and ACU Tokens. Refer to their whitepaper on page 24.
Acudeen is forming a partnership with Stellar to become a Stellar Anchor. Anchors are entities in which people trust to hold their deposits and issue credits into the Stellar network for their deposits.

Having CryptoFIAT, we are ensured that we can get the right amount of money that we are expecting to since we can exchange these CryptoFIAT into FIAT such as USD, PHP, MMK, etc. Once the CryptoFIAT is withdrawn/exchanged, it will be destroyed to avoid manipulation and theft.

Acudeen will also partner with other Stellar Anchors to administer the volume of expected FIAT deposits and withdrawals in different countries. The Stellar Anchors must undergo in AML and CTF procedures to avoid problems.

Staking Tokens

The article made by the team is well explained therefore I’ll just link you guys to them ;)

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