Hillary Clinton’s Health and Why You Should Be Scared

There’s no denying it, the Democratic Nominee for President, and possible First Female President of the United States, is sick. So far the public only knows that Mrs. Clinton has suffered a concussion, and will occasionally freeze up during a campaign stop. Many GOP members, including Rudy Giuliani, have claimed that Clinton is now suffering from seizure. In fact a video has surfaced showing a secret service agent holding an object similar to an epi-pen. The object in question is known as a Diazepam Pen, a medical breakthrough that is designed to stop the effects of a seizure. In the video the man carrying the Diazepam pen rushes the stage with other secret service agents, after a group of protesters shout at the Nominee, who then freezes. The freeze in question prompts a few thoughts, was it really a seizure? or was she just dumbfounded in the heat of the moment? Either way, the secret service agent seen carrying the Diazepam pen, told Mrs. Clinton to “Keep talking” after giving her a pat on the back, and ensuring she was alright. Once again this leaves us with a few questions, did he rush the stage to defend the democratic nominee, was he providing her the medicine after suffering a seizure? We may never know, and we don’t need to.

Its becoming more popular in recent elections to cite a rivals physical, or mental health. No doubt some form of decent health should be expected to carry out any form of office, and the presidency perhaps a little bit more than just okay. Attacking a candidates’ health isn’t only a morally weak move, but also a pointless one. Candidate Clinton may actually be suffering from seizures, and that’s OK. No Clinton won’t suffer a seizure in office and set off a nuclear warhead by accident, and no she won’t accidentally start World War 3. Where’s my evidence? In the history book, that’s not taught in school. The former presidents of the United States of America paint a poor picture of health.

For starters Andrew Jackson was a notorious drunk, who suffered failing eyesight, and internal bleeding, surely he could not serve as president. (He really shouldn’t have). Or what about Grover Cleveland who suffered from his obesity during both of his nonconsecutive terms, leading to pain and discomfort. But if we’re going to talk obesity we have to talk Taft. The President famous for busting trusts, and bathtubs surely wasn’t in great shape. The heavy weight gave him sleep apnea, and caused him to lose sleep, creating a grumpy President, who often fell asleep during important meetings. Woodrow Wilson suffered strokes, and still managed to be an effective President during a war time. Wilson was aware of his mortality, prompting him to sign the 25th amendment. Old Eisenhower suffered from a stroke, heart attack, and dealt with Crohn’s disease, still a beloved GOP president. War hero George H.W. Bush suffered from bleeding ulcers, due to his time in the service. Even the two Greatest Republican presidents of all time, suffered heavily from horrible health conditions. Ronald Reagan had Alzheimers, while in office; he also suffered from prostate and skin cancer again, while in office. Even Abraham Lincoln wasn’t a perfectly healthy president; Lincoln suffered from severe depression, and on several occasions close friends wrote letters to each other, concerned the President may commit suicide. The examples go on, almost every President has some health related issue.

So why is it such a focus then? Fear. The main tactic used by the GOP this election cycle. The use of fear isn’t just exclusive to the GOP, especially concerning the health of a candidate. In 2008 both the Green Party and the DNC launched attacks on John McCain, over his age and well being. 8 years later McCain is still healthy, serving his country well, and possibly feeling a little better than Obama at this point. The use of a candidates “poor” health is a clear showing of the ugly side of politics and an irrational one. There’s no way to end the mudslinging cycle this election season, but seeing through pointless attacks might make it slightly more bareable. The next time the orange covered man, or the one who confused his top from his bottom, scream seizure, you should look the other way, because after all no president is perfect.