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  1. Showing up on time. You know who you are. You show up to work late. It’s okay, I get it. You don’t get in trouble so you don’t take it as a big deal. You are a valued member at your job so no one is really upset. And hey, it’s only 5–10 minutes late anyways, right? No big deal. Well, very big! When you get to another place of employment it may hurt you if the new culture isn’t like the old one you came from. Set the trend! Accidents and things may happen. But, if the seasoned worker comes to work late, then the newbies will follow!
  2. Come Prepared. Some of our jobs require us to do a little homework. Yet, you keep showing up unprepared and BS’ing your way through it. You want better? Time to start being a little more prepared.
  3. Smile (and Silently Pray for people). Not because you are the ANGRY black person and you don’t want to be stereotyped. Smile because someone may need that from you. Especially, on a Monday. Monday’s are tough. We sometimes wish for a longer weekend, or need more time to rest. So your smile may make a tough day, an even better day! Also, depression is real. People are walking around faking like they are happy, but they are going through something major. I could imagine that it is common to get a call on a weekend, or being told by the family on the weekend that a loved on is in the hospital. In order to not distract them from work. Sneak those silent prayers in there when you get a shot. It may save someones life.
  4. Have Fun. Working doesn’t have to be the desolate and destitute place. Live a little. Let your hair down. Rock your proudly! It doesn’t mean you have to be “WILD,” or “Off The Chain,” and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be as professional. But, you are spending most of your day at work. Why would this place of all places be a complete and utter bore? Especially, if you plan to be there for quite some time. Even a funeral home may have 1 or 2 jokes they make about being, “Fresh to Death!” or saying things like this place is to “DIE FOR!”
  5. BRING DONUTS. Because everybody loves donuts. Not sure how this became a breakfast item, but it works. You don’t have to do this all the time. But you will definitely get some hi fives and get some extra friends for the day. In general, just be thoughtful. The kind acts go a very long way. If you want to, get to work uber early and put thoughtful notes on peoples desks. Let them know they are appreciated and pretend like you don’t know who is doing it. Obviously, make sure you get a special note as well so you are not the only one without. Well, take care!
  6. Extra. Pay Attention To Details. I was walking down the hallway today and someone picked up a piece of thread that was on the floor. Something so simple that I would walk by may be just the detail and focus you need in order to get you to the next level in the company. Food for thought.

Happy After the Holidays. Work may be a drag, but good thing you are probably growing your own business or company and won’t be there much longer.


Slight Deviation from the Maxwell Monday’s, but it works. I think I just want to get into talking about leadership. We need to work on becoming stronger leaders. For our families, our homes, and the places we work in.

Any thoughts? What are some cool things that you do at your place of employment that keeps you wanting to come to work another day? Share your thoughts in the heart of this post (the comments section).

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