First and foremost, please don’t go scaling your future employers building and go kicking in doors and throwing out bat knives and any other gadgets! While that would be incredibly cool (to me and a few others), I don’t want you to go to JAIL before you get that job of your dreams, or land that internship opportunity that will open up the doors for great things in your career!

This question was asked literally a few days ago (before the Gary Vee rant). It was a question about securing internships for young journalists…here is what was presented to the group:

This was the ULTIMATE BAT SIGNAL!! And of course, I took that sign with open arms to go in!!!

“So, I have a little time so I am going to go SUPER unconventional lol!”

That was my response after getting off from a long day of work! I thought and thought and rummaged over the question a million times in my head and by the time I got home I was ready to go!!!

  1. PREP TIME!!!
Batcave where the Batman does all his work before he goes out!

I think if Batman was good at anything it was having a plan before going into a fight with any of those dastardly villains.

Now, for a future/soon to be intern when they have discovered maybe the top 3 places they would want to work for. After they do that it is time to do the investigation. Look for your future Boss, The Secretary, and the HR manager! All things that can be discovered via LinkedIn or just flat out on their website! When they find this out….Then you do a little bit of stalking.

Go through their Facebook, Instagram, and any social media outlets if they have them. Remember, you are the world’s greatest detective!

Why should they go through their Social Media?

Well lets say you find out that your potential BOSS loves Tony Romo…When you show up to that interview it would be smart if you brought a Tony Romo jersey in, or a Dallas Cowboys thank you card, or something themed around that like/love. Talk about brownie points. I mean, how many managers, or hiring managers, or secretaries get love like that? None. Give thank you cards to the secretary (if you got the money for flowers then hook them up like that as well) and just show appreciation for everyone in the room! They ALL and I repeat they ALL play a major role. Best knowledge I have ever received was, “Why try to know the CEO when the Janitor has all the Keys to the building.” Blew me away! From that day on it changed my whole perspective on things.


He had a tool for every situation! You should too!

I think Batman did an amazing job at just using whatever he had in his tool belt to win a battle! And I mean EVERYTHING! But what is in your UTILITY BELT FOR SUCCESS?

Are you adaptable? If you can’t adapt to a new situation then you my friend will have a hard time at your new possible job.

Make sure they know your name before you walk in. All the criminals of Gotham whether you have met batman or not knew when Batman had arrived! You can do that! If not, then have samples of your previous work.

PROOF!! Show what you have done to help others to get them to a level of success. These things will matter.

Batman also knew when he was fighting different opponents that he would need different weapons and/or tools. Especially, after being defeated once or twice.

You can do that with your resume! Make sure your resume is tailored towards that internship. Don’t send in the same thing you sent to the other five internships to the sixth one!

When Batman ran out of ideas he would get creative! What can you do to get awareness about who you are before walking in the room? Great question! Let us use the example of wanting to work for the Scandal Team!

Now, we all know (I HOPE) that Scandal is written by none other than, Shonda Rhimes. What if you started a book club on your campus called the “Year of Yes” (The name of Shonda’s new book of course) and for a few semesters you brought out 15 to 20 of your friends to come out and read her book and discuss topics each week. Okay Alex (thats me!), that sounds nice, but so what? Ahhhhhh, Glad you said that. Now, lets start to TAG Shonda Rhimes on FB and Twitter every time your club meets or gather together.

Maybe with enough Tweets and tags she may favorite the tweet, repost, or show you love by even responding, or MAYBE SHE MAY EVEN VISIT YOUR SCHOOL! In 2016, all things are possible. Imagine now, you walk in for your internship and the whole Scandal team has already heard about you because your book club idea or moment was already being discussed by the entire team in the office. In my mind, you are already setting yourself up for success.


BATMAN always had a number he could call when things got tough!

One thing about Batman is that he was hella resourceful! He never was really solo. He tried to be for quite some time, but even the toughest people need help!

Batman built solid relationships with these characters. He gave on countless occasions to those around him. He would look out for so many people with nothing in return that if he ever needed it people would show up and do the same. But he had to earn their trust first. Show that he was a man of his word. He had to prove that he had what it took before they would return the favor. Once again, he never asked, but he knew that having smarter, faster, and stronger people around him would definitely serve as a benefit to aide him in his crime fighting duties. Also, find like minded individuals to kick it with! Any team of people that are willing to wear spandex with you definitely has to be one of the homies! I mean look at em! hahha!

In your own way you can be doing the same thing (minus the spandex I hope). Be a resource to your campus! Shout people out when they are doing dope things. In times of need, be there! Batman always had a funny way of showing up JUST as things got tough. Be that resource for the people around you.

Batman never asked for Gotham, or anyone from the Justice League to “PAY HIM BACK.” Not his style. Serve the people! Give! Keep giving! And don’t stop! Doesn’t mean be stupid and give to those who are hurting you! But, I would rather you keep that big heart and help the masses than a greedy one and help only yourself. Here is a mantra to add to your life:

“I will help just to help. I will not help to get something in return. I will help because it is the right thing to do. I don’t want anything in return because that is NOT my style.”

But when you need letters of recommendation, or someone to vouch that you are a hard working person to have on the team you will not have to worry. God, The Universe, the Supreme Being or whatever you look up to will reward your hard work. So don’t worry about anyone else. Let the people around you sing your praises! Keep eating that humble pie and staying quiet while you make your next moves of greatness.

Like I said, these aren’t normal ideas. You have probably heard of these things, but they aren’t always practiced. You don’t see them often so you think you should just do the normal stuff that everyone else does. But “The Batman” was no regular/normal individual. He also had a purpose. He didn’t want his city to be a mess, and he didn’t want others going around and seeking revenge like he lived his life after losing his parents.

I dare you to go from a lowly coffee handling intern to running the whole game one day! Take these tips and thoughts to heart and I promise you will!

Become the PURPLE cow of your industry. If you don’t know the PURPLE COW reference look up the book and get it for your students! Game Changer!

Blessings to any Future Intern/Super Hero in disguise of greatness!! May you take the wit, skill, and knowledge of your favorite superhero and use that to become a rockstar wherever you go!

This is you at supreme intern status a.k.a future employee!!

Do you have any extra tidbits that the Dark Knight would do to land an internship? I would love to hear you sound off in the comments!

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