Nothing will happen if you do nothing - Greg Rollett

Take actions on your goals and dreams.

Where do you start you ask? At the starting line.

1. Get the idea on paper. 
2. Research others who have done it. 
3. Study them. 
4. Take their tips and tricks and make them your own. Make mistakes
5. Try again. 
6. Get feedback (But make sure you are listening). 
7. Make more mistakes
8. Try it again. 
19. Research those you admire some more. 
20. Get bold enough after a few mistakes to ask someone how they did it. What will it take for you? It may not be the best answer, but it may give you the guidance you need to break to the next level. 
21. While you are doing all of this, make sure you are serving others. Serve, serve, serve. Build Value for those around you. Help them get to where they need to go. Don't just win alone. Where is the joy in that? Especially, if your message involves building others up. 
22. Send that email again to 25 more industry professionals. Really take the time out to study them as well. Read their articles. Books. Interviews. They may have already answered the questions for you. 
23. Make more mistakes. Get more feedback. Listen some more
24. Share how the process is grooming you. 
25. Use your mobile studio in your pocket. You can write. Sing. Record your dances. Stream live. Use photo editing apps. Send emails for your weekly newsletter and so much more.

*Bonus: Repeat until optimal level of greatness is reached.

Someone needs the insight. You should pass it on. Call it the 25 Ways to be Unstoppable in Any Career Field. Or 25 Concpets to Dominate any Industry!! Add your own if you must.

P.S. Every single day you have the opportunity to change the world around you. Take it. Never hesitate. The rewards come in the darkest hours.

P.S.S. Just because you work hard doesnt mean you deserve anything. Choose happiness as a guide through life. Be thankful and grateful in every season. And smile. You may be the Angel that someone was praying to meet.

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