What The Flashpoint Paradox taught me about life

Hey, my name is Alex. Friends know me as “Nemo” (for those who don’t know me). I lost my mom back in the 6th grade to breast cancer. While I have never thought about going back in time per se to “save” my mother from maybe forming breast cancer, I have thought about what life would be like if she had survived. The many moments I could have celebrated. The many kisses I could have given her. Whenever I had a bad fallout with a lady, or needed some solid advice about pursuing a woman it would have been nice to have her thoughts on the situation. And of course, to pick out the women that I didn’t need to be bringing home. Moms I feel just have that intuition. That third eye.

So what does this all have to do with The Flash? For those who don’t know the story of The Flash Point Paradox I will keep it brief. The Flash here, or the very vulnerable Barry Allen lost his mom when he was a child as well. A lot earlier than I did, and probably a lot more tragic. According to this story at least his mom was murdered on her birthday. No real reason why. No real concept as to who the killer was. Just a very unfortunate moment.

For years, Barry would visit her grave site and give her flowers and celebrate her birthday there. But on this unusual day, Barry says, I wish I could do something. I should have known there was going to be something powerful to the movie when it literally opens up with this quote:

“God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot CHANGE; COURAGE to to change the things I can; and WISDOM to know the DIFFERENCE.”

Long story short, Barry goes back in time, saves his mother, but then shifts everything that happened in history. Because of his actions and wanting to change the past he only destroyed his future. Interesting enough I ended up learning a lesson from his enemy, ZOOM (Yeah, not as cool at all lol. The guy is a turd and looks like a rubber chicken).

Nearing the brink of destruction, Zoom explains to Barry how him going back in time and changing one thing was the small, but large enough to mess up everything. He explains in a sinister way how selfish he was for his act. He also brought up a great point asking Barry why didn’t you go back to keep Hitler in art school, or stop JFK from being assassinated? Instead, you wanted to go back in time to save “YOUR MOMMY.” He then goes on and points out how if your very same “good deed” is now the reason why the world and everything is at war how could Zoom even be called a “Villain” when it is now because of The Flash (I got tired of calling him Barry) that all of this is happening. Very valid point. One of the cool things about comic books is when the villain teaches the audience a valuable lesson.

The point of all this is that everything DOES happen for a reason. Deaths in the family, heartaches from relationships, every bump and every bruise you receive while growing up…It all has purpose. Trust, it sucks when it happens. You question life. You question God. You question your existence. But, if we were able to go back in time and save a loved one, or a friend, or prevent some major incident from happening something else would pay the price. Because of your want to change the past you would only disrupt everything that ever happened in the future.

I get it though, it sucks. Bad things seemingly only happens to good people. Why did I have to lose my mom? Why couldn’t I have had a father figure present? Why did I end up in all of these situations in life? The struggles I faced; WHY ME? Why couldn’t I have fallen into a large sum of money, versus all this struggling I do to keep a dollar in place? Why does life keep handing me the short straw? Why? I have mentally asked myself these things. But I have realized how important those chain of events were for me. And the Flash realized that and had an opportunity to go back and stop himself from stopping his Moms death. Very powerful stuff.

Once again, Everything happens for a reason. Its time we all start accepting to change of events and then do everything in our power to make a difference. To make someone else’s life a lot better due to our shortcomings, or losses. How can you use your pain to help the next man/woman? I look forward to what you will do for the world my friend!

Keep Going!

Feel free to watch The Flashpoint Paradox on Netflix as well.

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