Apple Helps Eliminate Distracted Driving

Anti-texting laws don’t work, but Apple’s solution may help eliminate distracted driving.

In 2015 it was estimated that 3,477 people were killed while driving distracted, and 391,000 were injured in crashes caused by distracted drivers. The estimate says that approximately 660,000 drivers use their cell phones while driving each day!(1)

Before Texting Laws, Texting and Driving was More Open

Texting while driving is currently banned in 39 states. It is clear that anti-texting laws simply don’t work. In fact, there is an argument that anti-texting laws may cause more dangerous distracted driving. While the laws do indeed cause fear, they don’t discourage the actual action of texting. People are afraid of receiving a ticket, so they hide their phones from the authorities by looking down in their lap, instead of holding the phone by the steering wheel. This fear may be causing even more hazard and limiting vision to higher levels.

With Texting Laws, Texting is Hidden and more Secretive

Each time there is an accident the question becomes: What should society do about distracted driving? Most people may agree that we should be doing more. But eventually, we must stray from the idea that an arbitrary blanket-like law will stop idiotic acts. We must push personal responsibility, and make it a top priority.

Apple’s release of the new iPhone X may bring some pretty awesome updates, but one of my favorites is the new iOS 11 “Do Not Disturb” feature. Do Not Disturb is a great feature to remove those annoying nighttime notifications or eliminate distractions during a period of intense focus. Now, the iPhone can sense when you may be driving and will automatically turn off notifications to help keep you focused on the road while you are driving.

iOS 11 Introduces New Do Not Disturb Feature

Apple is trying to help solve a real problem by encouraging personal responsibility. When you are driving, your iPhone will go into “Do Not Disturb” mode and automatically notify anyone who may be texting or calling you, that you are driving. Before, your friends may not have known you were texting and driving, because you wouldn’t naturally tell them. With the new update, they are notified automatically, enabling them to help keep you from distraction by waiting until you arrive to send any further texts.

Texting and driving is a social issue, and Apple encourages you and your friends to take personal responsibility for what you do!


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