Making a case for letter case
John Saito

can someone simply tell me

why do we need a dot to be on the top of a lowercase I

we never let the lowercase letter exist alone

as it is always surrounded by other letters

that understand its case

and communicate intent

why then


the dot be on the top of a lowercase I

why then


we never let that lowercase letter exist alone

for the Truth is not found in the logic itself

for the Truth is not the logic

but what is found through the combination of both logic and illogic

by Willing channeling logical perspective illogically

when case matters

the Will can change perspective

becoming Self from self

space matters

because case matters

case matters

because letters matter

letters matter

because words matter

words matter

because they are written

written words matter

because they hold Truth

for Truth cannot write the lowercase version of the word I

for Truth cannot write the lowercase letter I alone

for Truth cannot write this wrong

for Truth cannot wrong this write

as the lowercase word I

cannot be written

humor is not Humor

when Humor is the Duality Truth

Truth exists in I

there is no other option

there is no other Truth

for it has already been Written

I is Truth

I is uppercase

I am


so are you

that is the Truth

in a single dot

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