An Experiment in… Experimenting

Those who know me well know that I don’t do too well with having nothing on the go. I typically have two speeds: couch potato and pack-the-calendar-go-go-go.

I really enjoy learning, improving and pushing myself to do new and challenging things. But sometimes, I don’t give as much attention to all of that as I’d like. I want to change that. So, I’ve decided to give myself some structure. I’m going to be performing a personal experiment with — well, experimenting. Every 3–6 months I’ll be taking on a new personal “experiment,” and documenting it in the form of a vlog. The first experiment is with reselling. More on that in a minute, but first a quick update.

Closing One Chapter, Starting Another

Suivant / Next

Currently my co-founder Lou Gatti and I are in the process of closing up our video production start-up, Voco Studios. I’m hoping to write in more detail about that soon, so I can crystallize my learnings and hopefully pass them on in a useful way to anyone who’s interested. Suffice to say for now, though, that although things were going well, in the end Lou and I just wanted different things for our careers. The decision to move on was tough but truly for the best.

Fortunately, the closing of one chapter just means the beginning of the next. Now I am excitedly waiting to start a new sales position as a Villa Specialist at Airbnb’s Luxury Retreats office in January.

The keyword there, though, is waiting.

Productive Fun-employment

Presumably because of the holidays, my job offer at the end of November came with a start date in the middle of January. This meant a month and a half of off-time. Now, obviously I’ll be spending a big chunk of that time with family for the holidays, and I’m super grateful for that. BUT…

There’s been quite a bit of time leading up to the bus ride back to Ontario, and there will be a couple of weeks open after I get back too.

While I think it’s important to relax, I’d like to avoid couch potato mode and strike a balance somewhere in the middle. Instead of idleness, I want leisure — to pursue activities that I enjoy but that I might not be able to do as much with other full-time commitments on the go.

I AM Experimenting

That right there is the title of the series of experiments I started this past Monday (December 11). The idea is to commit myself every 3–6 months to a new time-boxed goal centred around entrepreneurship, “side-hustling,” and/or self-improvement.

With inspiration from Tim Ferriss for the timeline and idea for experimenting and from Gary Vaynerchuk for the topic, my first experiment will be to try to turn $500 into $5000 with reselling. In other words, hitting up garage sales, Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc., and trying to sell undervalued items for a profit on another one of those aforementioned sites.

I’ll keep it short and sweet and leave it at that for now. I’m hoping to eventually have time to post quick summaries of the vlog here so that I can give more practical information, but for now all I have is this update. To begin with I just want to start by doing one thing well before I add more though, so my primary focus will be on the vlog itself.

If this idea sounds interesting to you and you’d like to follow along, I’d love it if you’d check out the vlog here and subscribe if you dig it. Feel free to leave a comment below as well to tell me your thoughts. Thanks!

Thanks to Lou Gatti and Nina Donovan for reading and helping out with edits on drafts of this post and to Ryan Graybill on Unsplash for the photo.

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