And it’s not just age being ignored but experience too…..

I’ve just read an amazing article by Nicky Bullard in which she discusses our “Obsession with youth over Gems” highlighting how talented people are being overlooked for much younger people.

This got me thinking that it’s not just in the Ad and Marketing Industries but in other arenas too!

Take for example “Digital” and “Social” worlds where I have been speaking to many people over the last 12 months and the common theme has been both age and cost.

Like Nicky says in her article that they don’t discriminate and look at every one and using her quote:-

“The word “diversity” is being bandied about as a badge of honour for us agencies. We are consciously hiring the young, the black, the gay and the female. Campaign has made it one of its criteria for Agency of the Year. It’s great if that’s changing the stats.”

…..the common comments I am hearing is that many companies are taking graduates, who have yes got good degrees, but have no experience and yet are being chosen to write blogs and articles, become testers and labelled as Influencers because of their age and how they are in-touch with that generation!

Take for example App’s and IoT products based around Wearable Technology or Travel (whether in a car or by other means), they are writing up about them and saying whether they are good or bad when have no knowledge of let’s say ten years experience of working, travelling to work or travel - to understand whether these services/products will really benefit the majority of the population!

As Nicky points out — “There are 23.6 million people over 50 in the UK. That’s 46% of all adults” — so how do these people really know how they will operate/benefit the majority of population with urchasing powers to buy these services/products?

Another area that arises is with women that are at home with children who decide to become Bookkeepers, Digital, Marketing, PR or Social specialists because they have helped a ‘friend’ or ‘friend of friend’ out and are fitting this in around whilst the children are at school for example. ….

(Note —now I am not saying this wrong as maybe they want an opportunity to do something that fits in around school times or change career, but as some accountants/bookkeepers said to me…)

“all they have done is learn on-line from YouTube or read up on-line, yet never have they studied or learnt like we have had too”

So, when I point out that everyone has to learn somewhere - it was like setting a firework display off (or using old sayings like ‘red rag to a bull’ or ‘bull in a china shop’) with the comments that came back - saying I didn’t understand, that they didn’t have the experience like they did, know what I was talking about and then, it came out……money!!

So is that the underlying issue? They — whether we are talking graduates or mothers wanting to start work again whilst/after raising children — are just cheaper and we are looking at cost over experience?

Whichever way you look at it, are we ignoring experience for the sake of cost?

Whether it is a graduate with no experience or a mother looking to get into the workplace and working flexible hours/part-time, is the fact they are a quarter, a third or half price a factor?

Are we now focusing — in certain industries- tending to be focusing on meeting the diversity requirement, getting in with the Youth Generation and Cost of hiring, over experience which is more valuable?

Just think…….

that if you did hire one or two of these people and put them with someone who has 20 or 30 years of experience, that that experienced person could be a great mentor to them as well combining both ends of the generation and workplace spectrum plus offering a fresh sets of eyes/insights from a different background/industry?

So let’s not throw away experience but combine them with younger people or people with no experience, to help deliver a much better offering that your company can offer…..

Thus, the next time you are hiring, make sure you have saved Nicky’s article and re-read it before placing that advert, as afterall, expert knowledge is something that you do need, what ever industry you are in…..

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