Are you shouting your message in an empty room?

One of the things that is becoming more and more apparent is that we seem to becoming less focused on our wider audience of communication — is this because we are being “Rich” to our audience?

When you look at many of the Top “Educators”, “Experts” and “Influencers” is the use of the two-way street over load speaker syndrome.

What I mean by this, is that if you look at their timelines on Twitter, what you will note it that there is a constant stream of post, post and more posts but do they actually engage? When did you last see a Tweet from them as a reply to someone or them re-tweeting some else’s tweets? The answer is very rare (if at all)!

The same could in a way be said with Facebook and LinkedIn too, where they will post something and not engage with the conversation that the post has created, or actually share or comment on another person’s post.

We are also seeing this with companies actually too — they post but their engagement outside their posts is very rare too.

However, all is not lost…..

If you drop down several (well many actually) levels and take a look at the SoHo, SMB and SME business arenas, you will see a different story!

Why is this the case?

The simple answer is the “Engagement” factor and one that is the closest match to real life and is understood by them!

The art of “Engagement” is not difficult — actually it is very easy — as it is something we do virtually every minute of the day! Whether we answer the phone, are walking through a door, whilst we are out, in a queue, etc — when any one speaks to us, we automatically acknowledge them with a nod of our, a gesture, say “thank you” or enter into a conversation. So, this business arena extends this real everyday life experience in to their business world. As though know, that potentially this person could be one of their “Social Salesforce”!

Engaging with every one means they could be speaking to a prospective client or a friend of a prospective client — so the art of communication is key to their survival. Word of mouth as a sales channel is becoming such a major of their business which then evolves into the “Social Selling” environment.

So, why aren’t these Top “Educators”, “Experts” and “Influencers” plus large/corporate businesses and seeing this too?

The art of “Social Engagement” is such a key part of size business as this leads to “Social Selling” in such a major way and they need to see this. The time of just taking for granted that people will use them has long gone as more and more people/companies are appearing on the horizon to be part of the “Internal Community” and “External Community” that Consumer or Purchaser is actually wanting.

As Customer Service and the role of Social Investigation that leads to Social Purchasing becoming ever stronger and more apparent, you make sure you are part of it as there is someone else ready to engage and jump into your place….

The #NewWayToEngage and #NewWayToWork has well and truly arrived and has been here since 2014 (if not before) and is being embraced each and every day but the real question you need to ask yourself, are you really engaging?

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