Are you truly bringing your company into The Social Family?

One of the things that so many are over looking is the ability to embrace the the art of Social and how we can bring the same balance/interaction to both our on and off line persona’s….

If we walk down the street and someone acknowledges us or says hello — we respond — the same is the case when someone let’s us go first or holds a door open for us too!

So, if we are behaving like this in real life (or off-line) — why is it that we can’t behave the same on-line too?

Is it because we feel that this is just too time consuming?

Maybe, we aren’t seeing what we can do to help ourselves converse, publish and engage with our connections, fans, followers and friends — does this sound familiar?

The ability to become more Social Engaging is being made so much easier today with the ability to use various Social Networking Tools/Platforms which allow not just you but your company too, to engage and collaborate….

Isn’t that all about being part of a Community?

I use various different platforms and all have different uses and results, but for you to get started, one facility that I have used for many years and is very easy to start with, is Hootsuite.

Personally, another reason for using Hootsuite is that it is so much more than just a Social Platform — it’s a whole community sitting there to work, engage and collaborate with you in so many ways….

Whether, it is allowing you to:-

  • connect your Social Networks and engage with your audience
  • post, share and schedule ahead posts/updates/shares with your audience
  • providing you with news & updates via their blog posts
  • FREE online webinars and training courses
  • engaging with your business community via your local HootAmbassadors ( #HootAMB’s )and these HootAmbassadors holding #HootUp’s
  • hosting weekly #HootCHAT’s so you can tweet with inspiring and influencer business owners and decision makers
  • offering you the chance to buy #HootSWAG that you see the staff and ambassadors wearing and using

So, when you have a Social Platform offering you so much like the above, aren’t they taking the word Social to another level with you and your company?

The level they are taking you to, is the level of Community and one that so many people and companies are still yet to embrace — but you can be ahead of your business sector by starting to collaborate and engage with your Community today.

So, why not see how you can start using a Social Platform to help you manage, collaborate and engage across all your Social Networks by taking a look at how a platform like Hootsuite can really work for you.

Thus, to see what Hootsuite can offer you, I’ve arranged a special offer providing a free trial period for using the Hootsuite facilites via these two links:-

Take this first step in moving beyond just being on-line, to one of buidling a community around all your Social activities and start Engaging and Collaborating…..

To discover more on how the right strategy can help you and your company lay the foundations for bringing the family of “Social” in to your company, feel free to contact myself to help take you forward into the world of the“Social Family”….

Ian Calvert provides a range of Services whilst being a Brand Ambassador, Brand Advocate, Brand Evangelist and Social Business partner for many companies not just in the UK but Globally too. Thus, by keeping ahead of the game, Ian Calvert can help leverage and build the foundations for bringing both you and your company into 2018/2020 today. To discover more, feel free to contact via his website here.

Disclaimer — Ian Calvert is both a Hootsuite Ambassador and Hootsuite Partner

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