Delivering your message through Social? But how, where and why?

During this year, we’ve seen the way “Social” is now really rearing it’s head to formulate the key foundation that the “Social Family” will play next year (in 2016) and beyond over the next five years….

We’ve seen over the last few years, LinkedIn lowering it’s entry age to 13 (here in the UK, whilst certain countries are 16 and some still remain 18), LinkedIn are truly leading the Education path from 13 through your academic period and then the next 50 plus years of your working life of what you can learn via Lynda too.

But the bigger picture of what the “Social Family” will deliver to your business moving forward through the next five years, clearly makes the reason for fully implementing LinkedIn into your Business very key and strategically important.

With moving through your Personal Profile, Decision Boards, Education, Company Page and Showcase Pages — making sure you are completely collaborating with all your staff to deliver all aspects of “Social Family”, you need to make sure you are suing the right tools.

Whilst you can share and measure the Social Delivery via various other Platform Tools (more on this is located within BBSTR on my website), the main overview, management and engagement needs to done through one which makes Engagement and Collaboration across your whole company KEY!

With being able to post, schedule and communicate across your Personal Profile, Hootsuite is the perfect solution as it then does the same with your Company and Showcase Pages too (and Groups as well).

As mentioned above with LinkedIn, add to this, your other Platforms like Twitter, Facebook (Personal and Business), G+, Pinterest and Instagram for example, Hootsuite makes delivering “Social” through various elements of your “Social Family” an excellent platform for rolling out across your company.

From arriving at work, with Car Park Personal, Security and right up to the CEO of your company, taking the two steps of getting everyone set-up on LinkedIn and Socially aware via Hootsuite to deliver the Engagement and Collaboration parts of your “Social Family” — the combination of managing LinkedIn via Hootsuite, thus make’s Hootsuite a key facility programme you need to be starting to implement now, so you can really move forward at the beginning of 2016.

With the 145 App’s that can be plugged into the Hootsuite Dashboard, this makes Hootsuite the ideal tool for implementing the “Social Family” into your company.

Also, just like LinkedIn (with Lynda) offering education services/facilities, Hootsuite through their University and Podium offerings, can provide an educational offering to expand “social” through all your staff members.

Thus, make sure you are:-

  • rolling out the implementation of the “Social Family” to everyone within your company
  • making sure one of the Key Cornerstones to making sure “Social” is being delivered uniformly
  • that Hootsuite is one of the first things you do to make sure you provide the items above to all your staff straight away

To help you start to see how Hootsuite can really work for you, I’ve arranged a special offer providing a free trial period for using the Hootsuite facilites via these two links:-

So, make sure you are starting to implement LinkedIn and Hootsuite into your company today and if you would like to discover more on this, please feel free to contact myself.

To discover more on how the right strategy can help you and your company lay the foundations for bringing the family of “Social” in to your company, feel free to contact myself to help take you forward into the world of the “Social Family”….

Ian Calvert provides a range of Services whilst being a Brand Ambassador, Brand Advocate, Brand Evangelist and Social Business partner for many companies not just in the UK but Globally too. Thus, by keeping ahead of the game, Ian Calvert can help leverage and build the foundations for bringing both you and your company into 2018/2020 today. To discover more, feel free to contact via his website here.

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