Interesting article Ian — you kind of jabbed and right hooked in the same piece.

Hi Yvonne — thanks for reaching out and replying, much appreciated! If you look at other posts here, I have said said many things on Recruitment and LinkedIn. There are so many failures on both sides and I do feel that LinkedIn have dropped all the tools but Recruiters and HR Personnel are understanding what LinkedIn have offered and give. If you look at what Eva-Lynne Carlson has written — I think she has totally nailed it!

It’s not really for LinkedIn (IMHO) to do things — it is the fault of these Recruiters and HR Personnel to get their head out of the sand and see what is here! This is also made worst by so-called LinkedIn Coaches/Experts/Trainers totally mis-leading on their training/courses as they are out to make money and not actually these people as to how “Joe/Jane Public” is wanting to use LinkedIn or look for a job!

It’s a battle but I will still shouting and spreading the word — thanks the comments

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