It’s not the end but it is the beginning with Brexit…..

It’s strange that the media is all over all the downsides of what Brexit means and focusing on the so-called “experts” and business leaders talking of how damaging this is.

Yet where are all the positives?

For me, the question is “that why are so many of these experts and business leaders all giving their views on something that has never happened before” and thus how can they comment?

The UK has always had an opportunity to succeed and this surely gives us another avenue to explore to its fullest….

These experts and business leaders are the same people who have “been around the block” and seen warnings and concerns raised about funding, stock market and business issues over several decades but never done anything to prevent them happening time and time again. If they have seen this before and failed to take precautions to prevent this happening again or see their companies fail etc, are they people we can trust to say that Brexit will be a disaster for us?

Could this really be the UK’s opportunity to be a Trail Blazer once more?

The UK has time and time again been an innovator, part of new technology’s or market leaders. Again we can do this and we will.

Speaking to many people when discussing the financial meltdown that occurred following the Brexit vote, some valid points arose: -

- All the finance experts and traders, gambled on making money on the vote and thus expected a remain win, but made no provision against a leave win and as a result traded fast to minimise their lost’s which lead to huge crashes whilst how many gambled the other way and made a fortune off the back of this vote?

- The whole world didn’t think the UK would vote to leave or what it would mean, thus, panic eschewed as no one had an answer and thus the UK was punished — doesn’t this show that the UK is a world leader?

- Didn’t back in 1992 when the UK made a decision which everyone decided against (including Soros making millions betting against the Pound), which meant the UK brought down all the world stock markets — now the same has happened again. This shows that the UK is the only to have crashed the markets to such an extent that not even the US, Japan or China have achieved — doesn’t this show the UK is a world leader?

- So many EU countries that entered the Euro have suffered and despite all the other major countries within the EU pushing/demanding that the UK takes the Euro, the UK said no and has a stronger financial position than all the other major countries within the EU — doesn’t this show the UK is a world leader?

- With more countries now looking to have their own vote and explore leaving the EU — doesn’t this show that the UK sees an issue, put forward a solution to fix the problem and when many leading countries within the EU aren’t prepared to accept there is a problem, the UK leads the way to make changes and others are following suit because they recognise the UK is right?

- Depending where you read or who you listen to, the UK is the 4th or 5th most powerful country in the world in terms of finance — doesn’t this prove that the UK can survive or even climb high without the restraints of the EU?

So, the question is, why are the Media being positive about the result or dare raise ask the points above?

Could the EU’s reluctance to accept this result and work to make sure there is a positive solution for them to continue to trade successfully with the UK, show they aren’t prepared to listen to the points that the UK and other countries have raised in the past and are now going to potentially start to see the unravelling of the EU?

Furthermore, the EU has not realised what they have done with the UK and still are focussing on London and not seeing behind the scenes.

The heartlands of the Midlands and the North within the UK have been slowing raising from the ashes and over the next 12 to 18 months these two areas will continue emerge as strong competitors to London and already companies are relocating out of London not just because of the savings they can make but the talent of not only the workforce they can employ but the Social Community that is also provided.

So, forget the negatives and start to focus on how your business or country can real grow by starting to work with UK business and the Social Community it offers….

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