Sainsbury’s using Argos to meet the #NewWayToWork?

The ethos of shopping seems to becoming full circle with a return to the old department store way of shopping but with a modern technological twist!

As you sat at your desk, on your break or even at home and you decide to you need something, Sainsbury’s have just made it easier for you espcecially if you have a store close to you. By just dropping online and visiting the website of Argos, you can place an order and potentially have this delivered to your closest Sainsbury’s store that day or the next day. Just think, order during the day and on your way home, pick up the item from Sainsbury’s whilst grabbing a few last minute items you need for tonight’s dinner…..

This concept is the same as the old-fashioned Department store based on Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm shopping but made easier due to the longer hours which are more convenient around your work schedule.

This shows that Sainsbury’s are embracing both the #NewWayToEngage and #NewWayToWork ethos that their audience is wanting, I wonder if that’s why Amazon are now rolling out Convenience Stores in the US?

This article explaining about Amazon opening convenience stores in the US shows that Amazon have realised that people are shopping at work, on their breaks and at home but also need to grab last minute items that they need there and then. Thus, want to keep their customer fully within their own eco shopping system, just like Sainsbury’s are doing here in the UK.

So, when Amazon decide to bring this model to the UK, will they be too late to the party as afterall, Sainsbury’s are launching this now and Tesco’s with their own Tesco Direct service, could start rolling out their similar offering tomorrow!

As companies are now embracing our #NewWayToWork, the question is, will all companeis start to change their model to suit us too?

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