Pleasantly surprised to find this gem in my article feed.
Eva-Lynne Carlson

Thanks Eva-Lynne — much appreciated.

For me, has I have said in so many places — the CV is Dead and so open for falsification and misleading self-promotion!

As I say to people, we are in a Digital World and everything we do (or have done) is able to be found on-line. So, do you have a Digital Footprint? Well yes we all do and I even promote mine ( ) so everyone can see where I am and the same applies for LinkedIn too! LinkedIn is now today’s CV and if you don’t list your whole career there, why not? What have you got to hide?

So, be real, be you and be open to the world — if you can’t be open an dhonest on LinkedIn, why should I work with you or hire you? By being so open on LinkedIn, any one can see what you ahve done and are doing and can also give you endorsements and recommendations too which again, are more real than references on your CV.

Recruiters and HR Departments need to step up and adapt to what the world of Digital and Technology offers — those that do, will grab quicker the best and top talent IMHO!

Once again, thanks for reaching Eva-Lynne and replying, so kind of you.

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