What? Community Manager? Do I need one?

If you are a company wanting to create Engagement, then both Internally and Externally communication is key to connecting with both your clients and audience.

The days of just using mail-shots, cold-calling in person and over the phone have disappeared and last year saw the rise of these areas being replaced by Engagement.

In today’s Digital and Social world, we are taking the ethos of 40 to 50 years ago of talking to each other, asking for recommendations and what your friends would recommend to you; to now being replaced by using Social Search to see what your friends are talking about as a way of finding recommended companies and products to use.

Isn’t this just today’s equivalent of Referral Marketing?

However, can you afford to employ someone full-time to do this and how do you do it?

Well the simple answer is that yes you can, because the world of Digital and Social has thrown up so many tools and people to help you.

With tools like Meshfire and Zoomph, you can identify how and when people are talking about you whilst filtering potential spam accounts that can be taking over your Social timelines. Then add to this, the management of your CRM through Nimble, further enhances and combines Digital and Social with your audience more……

Additionally, you can generate topics at different times of the day by utilising services such as Hootsuite plus rapid easy sharing with Buffer too….

So now you have created the ability to create content to raise discussions within the Digital and Social Communities — how do you keep on top of it or have people highlighting what they think of you?

The simple answer is, this is where you bring in your Brand Advocates, Brand Ambassadors and Community Managers?

If you are wanting to test and raise the profile of what you are offering, you need to identify your Brand Advocates and Brand Ambassadors as sometimes, without realising it, you have this already!

Both internally and externally of your company — these people already exist, you just need to embrace them, support them and encourage them without spending vast sums of money!

Isn’t that good news?

Having the ability to raise your profile further without huge expense is a very cost effective way of moving forward….

Utilising Community Managers can be a really effective way of moving forward as they do not have to be in the same country as you are or operate!

You may say what is the point of having Community Managers when we are in the UK and aren’t they just in other countries? The simple answer is the world lives beyond your 9–5 opening hours and this is way these Community Managers really work to take you to the next level.

So, think about it, people wake up anytime from 6am in the morning and go to bed anytime up to 12–1am — how much will this cost you in employing people and having them in your office at these times?

Yes, that cost will be huge and thus, having Community Managers will save you money but also help create a higher level of promotion for you at less expense. Thus with having these three talent resources at your disposal can be a huge step forward to take your brand to the next level and is a major step forward for both you and your company.

Furthermore, the Community Managers working with your Customer First Officer (CFO) means that now you are really thinking of and looking after your Clients and Audiences!

If you are really wanting to understand how this can work for you, then let’s have a discussion on moving you forward to the next level…..

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