Aliens (Crazy Thought’s 1)

First of all, please excuse me if I have a mispelling, english is not my native language so, I’ll try to do my best.

There’s a lot of crazy thought’s that come to my mind from time to time, I like some of them so I guess that’s why I’ll start to write them down. They don’t have any science support or formal research, they are just thought’s that could happening or not in this mad world.

About aliens, I’m a huge fan of this subject, I have made a research of it, based on other people research that talk about sighting’s, contact or even abductions, (I hate fraudsters and I try to keep cold minded about this by the way).

Based on all I’ve read I definetly believe in their existance, I know there are good and bad Alien breeds but I think most of them have no good intentions from humans, so my theories are 2(besides the traditional one that comes from other planet):

1- Advanced Terrestrial Beings: One possibility is that we, humans, are not the most intelligent and advanced race on earth, I believe there is a high possibility some of this beings are from earth but far more advanced than us, imagine a jungle in Africa where Lions believe they are the king of all, but they are not, there’s a world out there they have no idea that exist because of their capability of thinking, this could be a similar situation with us, humans.

2- MultiDimensional / MultiUniversal Beings: A second possibility is that they come from here, earth, but from a different dimension, why not? maybe they don’t developed a hyper speed space travel but a interdimensional travel.

Wherever they come from, they are a reality and a fact, the question is when are they going ro reveal themselves…What do you think?

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