The Universe (Crazy Thought’s 2)

Hello again, this time I will write about some crazy thought I had about what Universe is.

I’m a huge fan of the Universe and all what is out of this planet, based on current science information is amazing the number of planets, soil, plants, skies that must exist out there, so different from our precious and unique earth.

Based on the last I always wonder why is so hard to travel in space? It seems like space travel is so hard to achieve I mean, theoretically human kind have not reached any other place outside earth than the moon since 1969 (more than 40 years)

One crazy idea that I had is that maybe, space is not meant for physical beings, maybe was created for spiritual beings and planets are meant to house physical people sort of prisions for less evolved beings.

The idea that comes to my mind to understand this is the sea, humans can go into the see, swim, play and know lots of things but are not meant to live or even be there for a long time, in order to do this we need technology and even with this technology we’ve not been able to reach depth into the oceans, I don’t remember the exact porcentage but I believe humans only have knowledge of 10% or less of what’s inside of earth’s water so, space should be something similar, it should work for beings or species we have no knowledge of.

But… Who knows right?