We Are All “Invested”
Mindi Messmer

Thank you for truly advocating for the people. This whole thing, and I include the Pease well contamination, is despicable. People wonder why there is such distrust with the government. This is why.

It’s a complete cover-up where you have the state epidemiologist, Benjamin Chan, refuting solid evidence that these PFCs and PFOAs are extremely toxic to all life forms.

If they aren’t harmful why don’t we just give him a concentrated amount for he and his family to consume for the next couple of years and see what happens.

The Superfund site designation is not to be taken lightly, yet for some reason, it’s being treated like something we see every day…”Oh, that’s just an old Superfund site, no worries about that thing”.

It’s deplorable and everyone involved in this will eventually be outed.

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