Starting a Blog

Over the past few months I, like many others before me, have wrestled with how best to join the important dialogues that I see unfolding around issues of our time. Complex stories such as those about income inequality and diversity in the workplace, and others centered specifically around a certain company or technology. A current example is Snapchat taking advantage of the evolution and importance of content-marketing to monetize it’s services through Snapchat Discover.

Knowing the potential futility of my efforts was the hardest thing for me to overcome in starting this blog. I stared at the blank medium screen for a day before I finally wrote this post. I am clearly not as influential and well-spoken as Ben Horowitz, Danielle Morrill, or Paul Graham, but as I begin my career I believe that I will have interesting things to share. Furthermore, these influential persons, as well as many others, have taught me that genuineness, patience, and hard work can be a potent formula for success. I believe that I possess these traits. This will also be a journey for me personally, as I continue to grow and communicate ideas about many varying topics. Read the About Me section below to get a hint about what posts might arise in the future.

This blog will be short form; some days it will be anecdotal, while other days it might be response to a news story or something personal in my life. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment at anytime or reach out to me at

About Me

I currently work as an Operations Associate at Morsel, a food tech startup that helps companies make it easy to feed their employees healthy and delicious meals.

I am also a last semester graduate student at the Rockefeller College of Public Administration and Policy where I study organizational design and leadership within the public and private sector. Previously I obtained my Bachelor’s in economics at Skidmore College and grew up in Port Washington, NY.


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