Non profits are ignoring an absolute respect for the thing that matters most: the customer.
Stop Pretending That Fundraising Is Different From Sales
Gary Vaynerchuk

I agree with this wholeheartedly and want to expand on this thought further. I believe the thing that matters most is the “customer’s attention” (we say donor) and once you have that you can dive into a deeper relationship with them.

Too many nonprofits are storytelling like it is 2005 or 2010 and not respecting the platforms (or the psychology of the platforms) where donor attention is now. When they do arrive on a platform they only PUSH things that are meaningful to the organization (event, giving day, campaign, wish list) and not the donor. Then they loose the attention of the donor (meaning the relationship) and wonder what happened.

Great post, appreciate you diving into the nonprofit space every now and then and sharing your thoughts, they ring true here for sure.

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