2017 goals — 3 months in

I figured that 3 months into the year, I’d post how I’m doing at keeping track with my goals — as I first published here.

Since that time, I’ve actually added 2 more goals: cutting back on the amount of pop that I drink to be 4 or less a week, and taking a photo/ “1 second” video 4+ times a week.

In order to help me keep on top of my goals (as discussed here), I eventually settled on creating a spreadsheet, with graphs broken out by week summarizing how I’m doing against my goals for that week. (Note: I decided to skew the graph to have it a golf like scoring system, the lower the better and 1.0 being the goal).

Overall, I’m impressed with my progress of keeping on top of my goals — however there are some obvious areas where I need to improve.

Top 3 areas that I’m impressed with

  1. I’m impressed with how much I’ve been able to cut back on my spending. I went from spending, on average, probably $5–15 a day during the week (get a couple coffee’s and perhaps something to eat for lunch and I’d easily spend that), to now where my ‘default’ is spending $0/day during the week. I bring my lunch everyday and have a french press at work for coffee.
  2. At the beginning of the year, I thought my target of 15–20 books was a little on the aggressive side, but to my surprise I have already finished 8 books — which is tracking to have ~30 finished this year. Here are the books I’ve been reading this year.
  3. Cutting back on drinking pop has been massively successful to my surprise. I would average drinking 1-2 a day probably, and now I’m down to having 1 a week.

Top 3 areas that I need to work on

  1. I’m not very good at taking a the daily “1 second” video. Part of the desire to do this was to be able to stitch them all together at the end of the year and see a pretty cool recap of the year.
  2. Even though I haven’t been able to hit the 3x/ week, I’m happy with how my exercise goal is going. I’ve been fairly consistent with going 2x/ week, and hoping that as I get in better shape, I’ll be able to go a third time during the week.
  3. Unplugging remains difficult. In reality, I’m not watching that much TV and would be hitting my target, I still feel like I’m sitting down on the couch too much.