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By: Adam Shoalts

The values of this war-plagued society were radically unlike our modern conception of Canadian values — instead of tolerance and diversity, the first Canadiens prized bravery in battle, hunting prowess and skill with an axe or canoe

Normally I find history books (and previously history class) terribly…

In addition to the books that I posted midway through the year, here are the top books I read in the second half of the year.

Trevor Noah (host of the “Daily Show”) wrote this, and I found it entertaining and interesting to hear about his life growing up as…

Stick to my Budget
In 2016 I stuck to a new and fairly strict budget. For 2017 I want to tighten this up a bit and become a little more disciplined here.

Creating a new Income Stream — Investing
This is part of a several year goal that I have, to…

Ian MacNeill

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