A Charge of Bots — The Tech World As We Know It Is About To Be Rewritten
Phil Libin

Phil Libin this is now my most highlighted article and I couldn’t agree more on so many levels with what you wrote. I first saw this shift happening when Magic launched out of YC, showing how you don’t need to “solve” AI to do great AI — slight of hand can sometimes be just enough. Next, we’ve seen the Echo really take off, which I think is due somewhat to the dedicated form factor of the device. Most recently, at BUILD, we (Microsoft) launched the Bot Framework and Satya said “Bots are like new applications…And digital assistants are meta apps, or like the new browsers. And intelligence is infused into all of your interactions. That’s the rich platform that we have.”

Love seeing the convergence of thinking and excitement around a single area like this because it means that so many will be trying to innovate on a similar goal — which should result in the focus needed to create truly magical experiences in the future.