My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions
Kevin Rose

Thanks for sharing the list, Kevin! I remember you doing these yearly on The Random Show, good times. You’ve inspired me to make a similar list, taking some of yours and adding some of my own:

#1. Wake up at sunrise for 1 year.

#2. Make a morning routine of a 7 min FitStar workout, 10 min Headspace meditation session, and FitStar Yoga stretching.

#3. Make the All-Star Game in my men’s basketball league.

#4. Start a new podcast with Gregory Koberger :D

#5. Read 1 book a month.

#6. Launch Impressed Press, my side project I’m super passionate about and beginning of a much larger brand that important role in the tech landscape of the future.

#7. Consume more fresh food, less processed food and sodium.

#8. Go on a fun weekend adventure quarterly.

#9. Launch my new personal site and blog on Medium at least every two weeks.

#10. Use the app “Way of Life” to track all of my goals/resolutions.

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