4 Ways To Make Your 9–5 Job More Enjoyable.

Ian Romprey
Jan 9, 2018 · 6 min read

Almost everyone works a 9–5 job at some point in their life. There’s this ongoing stigma about how 9–5 jobs are a “waste of time” or “pointless dead-ends”. It’s a rare occasion to see someone boasting about how they actually enjoy their 9–5 job.

There are people who are perfectly happy with 8-hour shifts as an employee of a company. On the contrary, there are others who see no benefit to a 9–5 job and despise working for another person.

Whichever one you are, a 9–5 job will always have a positive impact if you are in the right mindset. Consider this list as a motivational incentive to consider your job anything but a dreadful 9–5. A 9–5 is great preparation for future career endeavors.

1 — Realize You’re Not Stuck.

Many people fail to realize that they are not tied down to their current job or position. Nobody is forcing you to work at the company you currently work for. In the long run, it is always your decision whether or not you stay with the company.

Of course, you need a source of income, although you shouldn’t let your happiness be restricted by the feeling of being tied down and having no other option. Your current job may not be your cup of tea, and that’s perfectly okay. Always remain positive and treat your job as if it’s your dream job.

It’s a proven fact that happy employees work harder and more productive. Most people would prefer a job they are happy at with a smaller salary, than one with a bigger salary that they don’t enjoy much.

When starting a new job, it’s always an awesome feeling. Usually, we are very excited and we look forward to coming to work every morning or evening. Unfortunately, that excitement fades very quickly.

While I wouldn’t suggest looking for a new job every month, I would suggest looking for a new one every year or half a year. Keep looking and be open to finding something that you are passionate about outside of the work life. Your passion will feed your excitement and cause your 9–5 to be much more enjoyable.

Remember nothing is permanent in this world. Life will constantly be changing whether you like it or not. Learn to seek change so the “new experience” feeling happens more often.

2 — Consider Your Job As More Than Just A Paycheck.

You’re making a huge mistake if you consider your job nothing more than an income and means of making money. This kind of thinking will always hurt you in the long run.

When you go into a store and the person helping you only considers their job a paycheck, it is painfully obvious. Furthermore, when you interact with someone who considers their job more than just a salary, it is also very obvious and extremely gratifying. People who value their job are typically 90% more welcoming, joyous, cheerful, and all around better to be around. These people make it their mission to leave you with a smile. That attitude will bring you further in life and increase your chances of wonderful opportunities happening to you.

Considering your job nothing more than a paycheck is like a sickness. It affects everyone you come in contact with. Your coworkers, customers, family, and just about everyone. With that mindset, your work ethic is mediocre and your demeanor is depressing. Your family sees it and your employer sees it.

You are blessed to have a job regardless of whether or not it is your dream job. Many people have great difficulty in even finding a job. No matter where you work, your job is not just a source of income. Once you understand that, you will begin to appreciate being employed much more.

3 — Look For An Opportunity To Learn.

This is without a doubt the biggest reason you should enjoy having a 9–5 job. “It’s useless” or “I’m not getting anywhere” is the common phrases we hear. Those phrases couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wherever it is that you are currently working, it is always an opportunity to learn and improve your skills. I can’t name one job that doesn’t prove this. I challenge anyone to tell me a job that doesn’t provide at least some sort of skill advancement or quality training. Even being a drug dealer (which I would never advise) makes you better at math and better salesmen.

Your job certainly may not be something you absolutely love to do. Using the opportunity to your advantage could help you in your future career when you are doing something you are more passionate about. It can be life-changing when you start to understand that learning and getting better is a day to day thing. You’ll start to seek the lesson in every moment and not allow one work day to be considered a “waste of time”.

The people who achieve huge goals look for an opportunity to learn in every aspect of their life. Every unfamiliar situation in a smaller, less stressful environment trains you to remain calm and focused when the larger and more complex situations arise.

4 — Mindset Matters. (Any Job Can Be Enjoyable)

This point could be backed up by every reason on this list. If I were to break down this point, I would say that knowing you are not stuck, considering your job more than a paycheck, and loving the learning opportunity, are all solid reasons why you should be enjoying your current job.

Using those 3 principles, you can flip it around and make any 9–5 something you appreciate and are extremely grateful for. Your mindset dictates how you feel. If you make yourself believe you are at your dream job, it will feel much more amusing and entertaining. Personally, I have set a goal that no matter what happens, I will not work at my current job for longer than 2 years. As much as I enjoy my job, I want to allow myself to grow and also make more money!

Of course, there are other reasons why a job isn’t in your favor. Rude boss, rude co-workers, horrible hours, etc. Life can be unfair at times. The better you are at understanding that, the more you develop the ability to handle anything. Additionally, the more you begin to not let your current temporary job diminish your happiness.

The number one reason people don’t get promoted is they simply don’t care about what they are doing. Don’t be that person. I’m a firm believer in giving your all in everything you do. I know for a fact that spreading positivity and having strong work ethic will get you that promotion you are looking for.

Some great practical advice for someone having trouble enjoying their 9–5 would be to look for a different position that will make you more lively. Maybe, you hate stocking the shelves but have a great passion for cooking or chopping up meat. Don’t be afraid to ask for a change and inform your employer that you see yourself being happier and working harder doing a particular position. Excellent bosses know that happiness equals productivity, efficiency, and determination. You’ll be surprised how far simply asking can go.


Let’s leave the 9–5 hate in 2017. Gratitude and appreciativeness stand taller than anything in life. Use your 9–5 to fund your dreams and spend your free time making your goals a reality. That way you can someday quit your 9–5 and do what you truly love doing.

People feel that their lives consist of a boring 9–5 because they allow themselves to believe that. If someone comes home from work and does nothing related to their passions, I could understand why they think that way.

When you come home from work, do something creative or practice a hobby. Convince yourself that whether or not it feels like it, you are gaining and growing from a 9–5. Work only feels like work if you let it.

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