My heart goes out to you.
Barbara Radisavljevic

Thank you Barbara, really appreciate what you said. It can be so so tough dealing with loss of a friend and thinking you could of maybe changed their decision or helped them in any way. So sorry for your loss, that must of been a really tough night to endure. It seems like the person really wanted to show his appreciation to you for being a part of his life before he went. I wish it was much easier to tell how someone is feeling deep down and what their thoughts are like. I can’t imagine with all the difficulties life brings normally, also having to deal with what you said your friend may of been experiencing with sleeping and such. I really think losing a lot of people has shown me that you gotta be that voice and motivation for someone to keep going. Whether they seem like something is bothering them or they are just acting differently, remind them how important they are to other people and talk about the potential and full life ahead of them. People should never be shy to help or discuss whats going on with your loved ones, maybe even cry a little bit with them. Thank you again for reading and understanding ! Hope all is well.

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